Friday, September 26, 2008

The story of my son

I got 2 comments on my last post - I guess it is kind of weird that I have a son already and I am having so many issues getting and staying pregnant.

So, I guess it is easiest to answer the question here so that many know the story.

I did blog about this a long time ago, here are the links:
19 & pregnant and 19 & pregnant (cont)

Long story short:
~ Lost my virginity at 19 to a long term boyfriend.
~ Broke up with said boyfriend 2 days after "the deed"
~ Started hanging out with a guy - friends at first for a few months
~ Guy convinced me that sex was no big deal
~ 3 weeks later I am knocked up
~ Guy breaks up with me the day I tell him I am pregnant
~ Raised my son as a single mom for 11 years at which point I marry my husband
~ Started TTC when I was 32 yrs old. I am now 34 years old

Trust me - I think about it each and every day. How is it that I was able to get pregnant, probably within a week of my first intimate relationship (don't count guy #1) and now I am having such a hard time.

Of course things like age, weight, etc obviously factor into the mix. But, come on!?!? How many teen moms do you know that have trouble later on. I don't know any.

I do find it annoying that I get pregnant with a 100% loser with no problem and the man that I love to death and want to have a baby with, I can't. And just a FYI - my husband has NO fertility issues. He is 100% perfect. We also both had genetic testing done and we are BOTH fine.

I am pretty much an open book, so no question will really ever offend me - please ask away.

If you would like me you expand on anything, just ask.

You can see how totally young I was in this pic. Colin was probably 2 and a 1/2 or so?? And yes, I know I look about 12 yrs old.


Leah said...

I know I leave comments all the time...sorry. Just wanted to let you know that my BFF had a completely normal has a 4 year old...and can't stay pregnant. She has miscarried 4 times since her first was born. Secondary hits alot of women. If you want to read her blog it's

Might want to check mine out too if you haven't...I'm right there with you on the staying pregnant front...

Notwifezilla said...

I wish I had advice to offer, instead all I can offer is my heartfelt thoughts and prayers for you and YH.

MT said...

Thank you for sharing and being so open, especially at such a difficult time.

Our bodies really are a miracle and a mystery.

Does your RE give any insight as to why you are having problems this time around?

Franco*Filly (Jess) said...

I just wanted to give you a hug. You are a strong woman and a good mom to Colin. Hang in there Amy!

Erica said...

just wanted to give you hugs. i often think about the same thing, although I gave birth to Landon 14 months ago, we started TTC after my 6 week post-part appt. and here we are 13 months of trying with 2 miscarriages and it's not looking good for this month either. it doesn't make sense!!

hugs again!!

Maria (MKC101103) said...

Don't mean to offend with this question, and let me know if I do...

Have your or DH been tested for chromosomal abnormalities? I'm sorry I don't remember all the tests you've had done, but I believe you had a loss due to Trisomy. I just wish I had some good advice for you. The only thing I can say is to keep your hope going strong...I had three losses in 12 months and I'm now 24 weeks along with a very healthy baby boy. Still pray every day that he stays strong, but this is the farthest I've ever been pregnant.

the d'angelo family said...

Like you, I have a son (he'll be 3 next month) and we too are having trouble TTC #2 - DH is 100% fine here as's all me. High FSH and Diminished Ovarian Reserve (I'm as premenopausal as a 40-year old Dr. said...I'm 31).

I will continue to pray for you and want you to know I will be thinking about you and wish you the best!

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