Thursday, September 30, 2010

The girls look so much alike

I know it is lame, but since I took lots of pics of Cora, and plan to do the same with Elsie, I want to see if I can take pics wearing the same outfits.

Since they are only 10 days apart birthday wise, they should be the same season wise for clothes. And, we are using all of Cora's clothes for Elsie. So, unless Elsie is a tiny peanut - my plan should work.

But, for now, here are a few where the two girls look very similar. And, they are not all in the same order - just to try to trip you up. :) If we keep up this trend, I guess I will have another cutie on our hands.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Came home today, but in a "Car Bed"

Elsie had to have a carseat test since technically she was a preemie. The carseat test consists of hooking them up in the seat and then hooking them up to different monitors. They stay this way for 60-90 minutes. This test is usually ONLY done for "preemies"

Well, she failed the first test - her heartrate went up and her O2 staturation went down, much lower than what is considered normal.

She had to take the test a second test - she failed the second test. Same type of results - high heartrate, low O2, increased rate of breathing.

Since she could not do well in the carseat, she had to come home in a "car bed" - it is basically a flat carseat. She will have to use this instead of the carseat for 3-7 weeks (40-44 weeks gestation).

I can go into the many many reasons why I hate the car bed, but I wont - because in the end, it is the safest way for her to travel in the car.

She also can't be in the swing, any type of sorta sitting bouncer, etc. So, where is she now? In a laundry basket.

I guess it is true what they say - it really is NOT the size that matters, it really is the age. Elsie was 4 weeks early, but weighed 7 lbs 6 oz.

At 40 weeks, she will be retested to see if she can be in a regular seat. At it is just this position, she is fine laying down, so no monitors or anything.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Some new pics of Elsie

The hospital photographer came in yesterday asking if I wanted to have Elsie's pictures taken. Now, I remember when Colin was born, these pics were horrible. Basically you kid is on a rainbow piece of paper and they take one pic. No thanks.

Was never even asked about it with Cora, so I never thought about it. Figured I could take my own pics and save myself some money.

But, when the photographer came it, she said it was free to take the pics, and then she would upload then to the site and we can order right from there if we wanted to. Figured, what do I have to lose.

Well, I knew that the second she started taking the pics that they would be not that impressive. Yup, I was right. She used the gross hospital blankets and sheets that were just on the bed. Really did not take any shots that any other person could not take, etc.

Well, when she printed the proof sheet, I was thrilled that I did not have to pre-pay for the pictures. Almost every shot has most of her head cut off, not centered, just plain horrible.

There are these two shots that would be decent, IF you could see her whole face, or was not a bad crop job. She really does look like Cora. But, I think Elsie is going to favor me more than my husband. She totally has my chin.

But, this picture is a better representation of the majority of the pictures. I know everyone has their own style - but when is head chopping like this ever OK?

I plan on doing what I did last year with Cora. Take pics in cute hats and take 100's of pics knowing that I might get one or two good ones. It's digital, so no big deal. I got so many compliments on Cora's pic from last year, so I think it is the way to go. we can't afford to have a pro photographer take pics. Might go to a the studio where I got Cora's b-day pics. I have a coupon - who knows.

Friday, September 24, 2010

Had My Baby. It's a ............


Quick update, will post a full birth story at a better hour LOL

Elsie June was born 4 weeks early on Sept 23 at 3:15 AM, by emergency C-Section. Baby was breech throughout my pregnancy, flipped head down, flipped to tranverse and then head down on the day I delivered. HOWEVER - baby flipped back to transverse in the middle of labor. This caused me to be sent to the OR ASAP!

The doctor said that in the thousands of deliveries that he has done, I am only the 3rd or 4th person where the baby flipped transverse during labor.

Elsie was really big for 36 Weeks - weighed 7 lbs 6 oz and was 20 inches long. We know our dates are 100% correct since we had early scans.

I will write more about everything that happened sometime later today :)

For now, here is a quick pic:

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Some Pics from scan today

Had an appointment today, see below for details :) But, I thought it would be cool to share some of the pics from today. I took pics of the scans on my phone - so ther is a glare - but you get the idea :)

Look at those CHEEKS!

OB Appointment Update

I had an appointment today, was totally lifted from bedrest today - yipee!!!!

Still having contractions, but nothing big deal (aka not in labor)

But, I was checked and I am 4 CM!!!!! Doc said I can be 4cm for weeks, but I think NOT.

Cora came at 37 weeks, so who knows at this point.

So, even though I have been lifted from bedrest - and given NO restrictions, the doc said "keep in mind you are 4 cm" lol and does not want me going more than 20 minutes away from my house, and would prefer if I did not leave my house other than a quick trip to the (very) local store.

When I water broke with Cora, I was 4 cm when I got to the hospital, so that kinda makes me nervous.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Appointment Update - transverse

I have been on bedrest for 3 weeks now due to pre-term labor. Was admited to the hospital at 32W. Was in the hospital for a few days, only to go back a few days later. Was sent home on strict bedrest and meds to stop contactions.

Have been going to the docs 2x a weeks since then. While I hate it, it is the only time I was allowed to leave the house.

Had an appointment today. Still on bedrest, but only for a little while longer.

Baby was breech for a while, moved head down at the last scan, and that little bugger flipped again. Only now the baby is transverse. Transverse baby totally equals c-section. But, maybe the baby will still flip again (and again).

Still having tons of contractions, have them all day every day. But, they are not regular, or consistently spaced apart.

But the GOOOOOOOD news is that my bedrest will be (mostly) lifted at 36 weeks, which is this coming Wednesday. He still wants me to "take it easy" but, I can sit up instead of laying down ALL THE TIME, could run to do quick errands, walk around the house a bit, etc, etc. He actually said (joking) "you can go out dancing for all I care" meaning that at 36 weeks it was totally fine for me to deliver.

I had Cora at 37W3D, so it is not like that is too far away either. I can't believe that I will have another baby in the house - very soon. Guess we should get working on that name list LOL.

So, there is my update :)

I know I should not google, but here is some info I found on Transverse Position (AKA fun times):

Transverse Lie

If the fetus remains in a transverse lie, it cannot deliver deliver vaginally as the diameter of the fetal presenting part (the whole body, in this case) cannot descend through the birth canal.

If labor is allowed to continue for enough time with the fetus in transverse lie, the uterus will rupture. Even before the uterus ruptures, there is an increased risk in this presentation for prolapsed umbilical cord. For these reasons, women found to have a transverse lie in labor will usually have a cesarean section.

Whenever a fetal transverse lie is encountered near term or in labor, evaluate the patient carefully with ultrasound to determine if there are any predisposing factors, such as a placenta previa or pelvic kidney that could modify your management of the patient. So long as a placenta previa is not present, many obstetricians will check the patient's cervix at frequent intervals to detect early cervical dilatation and the consequential increased risk of cord prolapse. Sometimes, these patients are delivered early by scheduled cesarean section to avoid that risk.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

35W scan ,,, and I am an Aunt again!

I am an AUNT again!
Out of 5 siblings, 3 of us were pregnant, and due within 6 weeks of each other. Well, my one sister had her baby ON her due date, how cool is that. Now, I don't want to be anywhere near my due date when I have my baby, but cool for her.

She had a little girl, named her Anna. I hate that I can not meet her for a while. But, it is not like my sister does not understand. She is cute, from what I have seen in pics. I think it is so cool that the cousins will be so close in age.

35 Week Appointment
It is kinda funny that I am calling it my 35 week appointment. Because ever since I was put on bedrest, nothing is on a scheduled weekly appointment. Sometimes I go in once a week, sometimes twice. And, it hardly matches up with my weeks change. I will be 35 weeks tomorrow, so close enough.

I have been having contractions now for a while, but not enough to take the meds (more than 5 an hour), so each appointment I am hooked up to the monitors.

Today I had a scan, for a few reasons - check to see if the baby is still breech, check the weight, check the fluid, etc.

Well, the baby finally flipped and is now head down - was breech since about 17 weeks. This I am so happy for. Will still get another scan before delivery to make sure the baby is STILL head down.

And, we have another BIG baby. At 35 weeks (well tomorrow) the baby weighs 6 pounds 12 oz. Holy Moly that is one big baby. Cora was born at 37 weeks and was 7 pounds, that is another 2 weeks from now.

Everything else on the scan looked good.

After the scan I had appoinment at the office. Was hooked up to the monitors. Having lots of contractions, but even though they show up on the monitor, they are pretty irregular. Had some really painful contractions last night too. Doctor is calling it "irritable uterus"

The doctor did an internal, and guess what - - - already 2 cm dilated. I was nothing last week. Guess those painful contractions did something last night.

The doc said that at this point, if the contractions keep going, or get painful again, give them a call. They basically said that they will not stop contractions at this point. I have been really crampy since coming home, but I don't really think it means anything.

I have to look back at last year to see when I was 2 cm with Cora, even though I know that I could be 2 cm for weeks.

So, for your viewing pleasure - Baby N (yup, that is the name - we really don't have much of a list either) The pics are not that great, especially since the face takes up the whole frame LOL. But, you get the idea

Monday, September 13, 2010

Happy Birthday Cora

Today is Cora's 1st Birthday! Wow, what a year. We have her 1 yr doc appointment next week so I don't know exactly how much she weighs, or how tall she is. But, last week she was at the docs for a follow-up and she weighed 25 lbs 6 (?) oz. I was not there due to my bedrest, so I am not positive about the oz.

She is such a big girl, doing big girl things. She is 100% formula free and doing great on issues at all. We also got rid of the bottle, except for the one right before bedtime. But, this one is more of a comfort thing, so not really a big deal (to me) that she still has it.

Also taking a few steps..nothing to call walking, but I am sure she will be ther soon.

We have been teaching her tricks too, yup like a trained dog lol. She know so many, too many to list.

The past year has gone so fast.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Baby Pool

I did a baby pool with Cora, so I thought it would be fun to do it with this baby. Some things I think are fair to let people know....

1 - I was 2 weeks early with Colin
2 - I was 3 weeks early with Cora
3 - I have had issues with pre-term labor

Take a guess - there is no prize, just the satisfaction that you are the winner :)

Saturday, September 11, 2010

18 months, 1/3 of his life...

Lil J was placed with us on March 11, 2009. Today marks 18 months that he has been part of our family.

Since he came to us about 3 weeks after his 3rd birthday, that means that he has basically been with us for a THIRD of his life. It is amazing when you think about it as a math equation.

We still do not have termintation trial date - even though the petition was submitted back in April. The trial MIGHT happen before the end of the year. But, being that it is already Sept, I am not holding my breath. It would still be months after the termination trial that adoption would be finalized. So, it looks like he will be with us for well over 2 years when he is adopted.

At this point, there is no doubt that bio mom's rights will be terminated. Even after 18 months, she still has done nothing on her court ordered case plan.

I can't believe how much he has changed, how much our family has changed, how much my LIFE has changed.

We have had our ups and downs, but the pleasures out weigh the problems.

Friday, September 3, 2010

We cancelled the 1st b-day party

Cora's 1st b-day party was scheduled for this coming weekend. But, with me on strict bedrest, we thought it was best to cancel the party.

I knew it would not be the party that I wanted. Decorations would not be done, fancy cupcakes would not be done, cute favors would not be done, etc, etc

Would the party be just fine without those things - YES! And, I know this. I really do.

But, I also would not be able to enjoy her party. I have to lay flat all the time, unless I get up to go to the bathroom or my every other day shower. And, I know that I would be tempted through out the day to get up and take pictures, or help open presents, or watch her eat her cake.

Plus, we were having a BBQ and we have nothing that would allow me to lay down outside - so I would probably be tempted to sit in a chair, even for short periods.

This on top of the fact that my husband now has the responsibility of everything that I normally do, plus work full time, plus everything that was a shared responsibility, I could go on and on.

Then he would have to clean the whole house, do all the shopping, all the party prep, all the day of stuff, all the clean up, etc, etc.

I know people have offered to help. And it is really upsetting to me to cancel the party. And, it WILL NOT be forgotten about. It WILL happen after the baby is born. Sometime in late Oct or Nov.

On the plus side - I happen to know lots of people who have children who are VERY close in age to Cora. They have all had their parties already. SOOOO - I can grab ideas from their party LOL

I am sure I will share tons of pics when the party happens. And, it WILL happen. Just after her birthday
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