Friday, September 3, 2010

We cancelled the 1st b-day party

Cora's 1st b-day party was scheduled for this coming weekend. But, with me on strict bedrest, we thought it was best to cancel the party.

I knew it would not be the party that I wanted. Decorations would not be done, fancy cupcakes would not be done, cute favors would not be done, etc, etc

Would the party be just fine without those things - YES! And, I know this. I really do.

But, I also would not be able to enjoy her party. I have to lay flat all the time, unless I get up to go to the bathroom or my every other day shower. And, I know that I would be tempted through out the day to get up and take pictures, or help open presents, or watch her eat her cake.

Plus, we were having a BBQ and we have nothing that would allow me to lay down outside - so I would probably be tempted to sit in a chair, even for short periods.

This on top of the fact that my husband now has the responsibility of everything that I normally do, plus work full time, plus everything that was a shared responsibility, I could go on and on.

Then he would have to clean the whole house, do all the shopping, all the party prep, all the day of stuff, all the clean up, etc, etc.

I know people have offered to help. And it is really upsetting to me to cancel the party. And, it WILL NOT be forgotten about. It WILL happen after the baby is born. Sometime in late Oct or Nov.

On the plus side - I happen to know lots of people who have children who are VERY close in age to Cora. They have all had their parties already. SOOOO - I can grab ideas from their party LOL

I am sure I will share tons of pics when the party happens. And, it WILL happen. Just after her birthday

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DrL said...

Disappointing, but a good call.

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