Monday, September 27, 2010

Came home today, but in a "Car Bed"

Elsie had to have a carseat test since technically she was a preemie. The carseat test consists of hooking them up in the seat and then hooking them up to different monitors. They stay this way for 60-90 minutes. This test is usually ONLY done for "preemies"

Well, she failed the first test - her heartrate went up and her O2 staturation went down, much lower than what is considered normal.

She had to take the test a second test - she failed the second test. Same type of results - high heartrate, low O2, increased rate of breathing.

Since she could not do well in the carseat, she had to come home in a "car bed" - it is basically a flat carseat. She will have to use this instead of the carseat for 3-7 weeks (40-44 weeks gestation).

I can go into the many many reasons why I hate the car bed, but I wont - because in the end, it is the safest way for her to travel in the car.

She also can't be in the swing, any type of sorta sitting bouncer, etc. So, where is she now? In a laundry basket.

I guess it is true what they say - it really is NOT the size that matters, it really is the age. Elsie was 4 weeks early, but weighed 7 lbs 6 oz.

At 40 weeks, she will be retested to see if she can be in a regular seat. At it is just this position, she is fine laying down, so no monitors or anything.


DrL said...

How surreal that you have a 7.5 lb preemie!

MoDLin said...

A car bed might not be your choice, but she's home - Yay! You'll probably be surprised at how quickly she'll be ready for the car seat and bouncies. In the meantime, the laundry basket is a brilliant idea!

Anonymous said...

Intresting that they made you do the test. Riley was born at 36 weeks but never had to do any preemie tests to go home.

But at least she is home! Better the car bed than having to keep her in the hospital.


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