Thursday, October 29, 2009

6 Week Check Up

So, I had my 6 week post delivery appointment today. Without looking, I don't remember if I added the fact that I hated my doc to my birth story. I don't think I added it, because I just wanted to get past it. Thinking maybe I just did not like her and to just let it go.

Anyway, they did all the standard stuff. I am super proud to say that I am 27 pounds less than my pre-pregnancy weight. I only gained 8 pounds during my pregnancy - not on purpose, and my doctor said it was fine. I was bigger to begin with. Turns out, I was probably losing weight and gaining pregnancy weight at the same time.

It was pretty cool to see the scale say that I was 35 pounds lighter than my last appointment there - yipee.

And before anyone asks - I have no idea how that actually happened. But, my guess it had something to do with the fact that I was getting sick so much when changing Lil J (thank goodness he did not take my entire pregnancy to potty train), I was eating better, and the whole gallbladder thing made me eat MUCH better. Like I said, I was losing and gaining at the same time.

I knew I had lost a lot of weight. A few days after delivery, I was wearing my pre-pregnancy pants, and then about a week later, those pants were totally falling off. Plus a lot of my non-maternity clothes were HUGE. It was nice to have an actual number for it.

So, back to the annoying, I don't like this doctor, stuff.

I go to a practice with about 5-6 doctors. There was 1 doc that I really did not like. She was abrupt and kinda rude, and just did not seem to care about patients. I knew that I only had about a 20% chance of getting this doc for delivery.

Well, what would you know - she was the only one on call the day I had Cora. Whatever, I knew she was only gonna be there to "catch".

I won't get into details - but she was horrible. People that were there could vouch for me.

I had to have her for my follow-up. Fine, again I am trying to not worry about it. I have bigger things to worry about.

She asks about birth control. At this point, I tell her that not only will we not be using any, but we will be trying ASAP (AKA - starting today lol). She goes on to tell me that I should wait 2 years. I explained that I am not getting any younger, and reminded her that it took over 2 years to get successfully pregnant after 5 losses.

She kept saying that I should wait, that I should take time to enjoy my baby, that there was no need to rush, etc. And because I don't really like her to begin with, it seemed like everything she said was said in a negative way.

I asked her if there was any medical complications of getting pregnant so soon after (assuming I can get pregnant), and her answer was just "I am just telling you my recommendation to wait 2 years and I will write it in your file that I told you to wait" Whatever. She could not give me a medical reason to wait.

I told her I wanted an Rx for Prometrium. In the past, I know my P4 was very low. I figured if I was to get pregnant, I wanted to start taking the Rx as soon as I know I am pregnant. My dose was increased with Cora's pregnancy, and I really think it was the thing that kept me pregnant.

I told her my dose and the med name and she did NOT want to give it to me. She said that if and when I got pregnant, they would give it to me then. I told her that I would start taking it as soon as I got a BFP, especially since it is not like I would be able to get a same day appointment for a beta/P4.

She really did not want to give it to me. She finally gave it and I left with it.

She then asked if I would at least give it a few months before I try. No deal. She said, "ok, you will do what you want I guess"

Nice lady, huh???

Anyway, everything is A-OK and will are officially trying. I guess I should get my period first, but that is just a technicality

Friday, October 23, 2009

The Great Pine Cone Hunt

Our neighbor has a big pine tree in their yard, which means we get lots of pine cones in our yard. Lil J was on the hunt for pinecones yesterday.

We spent a while hunting for pine cones and chasing squirels. He would get so excited when he found a pine cone. I found it funny because he would totally step over pinecones on the ground to find others. It was cute.

He is getting so big, I can't believe that he has been with us for over 7 months already! Wow, time flies so fast.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Cupcake Bites - take 2

See Previous Post about attempt #1.

I bought another mold which was a little bigger than the ones I got the other day. It was a different brand - I did not do it on purpose. I also got what I thought was pink sprinkles, but they are, in fact, lavender. Oh well LOL

Take 2 went much better, I used the "spiral" method to put the top on the cupcake bites. I do think it looks much better. The Brown Chocolate melts much better than the pink, so it did not spiral as nicely, but I still think it looks better than the other day. You can see that I used the smaller molds on the pink bottoms - the larger mold (and larger balls) look much better in my opinion.

I have white candies as well. I will probably make some with white tops, brown tops and pink tops. The sugar sprinkles are more down to scale than try 1 as well.

I always have random craft supplies around the house, so I put 3 bites in a cellophane bag and tired a simple bow. The ribbon was what I had around the house - but I will probably use a wider pink ribbon. I added the sticker, not really sure if it is needed though.

I have added some new pictures - what do you think of try #2?

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Cupcake bites

Ok - so Cora's Baptism is coming up and have started to think of favors. I know not everyone does favors, but I like to do something little, and usually something that people can eat.

I started doing some looking around and found "Cupcake Bites" They are all aver the internet, but I am pretty sure that they started with Bakrella. You can go to her site (LOVE IT) for the directions and other pictures.

I thought that these would be cute and did not seem too hard to make. I bought the supplies and did a test run today. I wanted to make sure that I could practice and know ahead of time if it was a pain in the ass.

They were really easy to make, and they did get better looking after I made a few. I know that these do NOT look like most of the sample pics that I found. I just could not get my chocolate smooth enough. I saw one person used a squeeze bottle and then spiraled the chocolate as the icing. I did not have a squeeze bottle, but I could see how it could look better. Plus I probably would not use the big sprinkles that I have, would probably use the non-pareil type, or maybe fine sugar crystals.

Since it is candy, I know I can just put a few in a cellophane bag with a nice ribbon. I am still not 100% sure this is how I want to go - we will see.

Oh - and the guys LOVED it. Even Lil J wanted more and more bites. He was in charge of putting the sprinkles on top.

Here are some pics, I guess the close-up makes it seems like they are big cupcakes, but they are really bite size. Maybe 1.5 inches high?

SOOOO - what do you think?

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Cora is one month today :)

My little sweetie is one month old today. We celebrated by going to see her daddy at work today. I am sure he was overwhelmed, as EVERY woman in his office was crowed in his office. You KNOW he has never gotten that much attention before LOL.

She is doing well, our family is adjusting (read that as Lil J is getting better with her lol). Of course, she is only a month old, but we are trying to figure out a routine. Even if that means knowing how she likes things, doing things the same way so that she can learn that certain things mean something else will follow.

I am not looking forward to the cold weather though, we have gotten a few tastes of it this past week, and I really don't like having to figure out how to keep her warm. Bulky jackets or buntings are out. So, I have been putting her in a cardigan sweater and a hat, and then putting 2 blankets on top. It is a very short walk to the car. So, I am pretty sure she is warm enough.

I am sure as the weather gets much colder, I will figure something else out - I do have a b.undle me, but it is not cold enough for that yet.

She is doing great at night. She does get up, but she can go 4 - 4.5 hours, and she usually feeds around 11 or 12, so really, she is just getting up once a night. Plus, she goes RIGHT back to sleep. Which is great!!!! She also sleeps for a 2-3 hours stretch every afternoon. So, even if we have a semi rough night, I know that I can get some sleep when she takes her afternoon nap.

Totally hoping that she will continue taking the afternoon nap, because Lil J takes an afternoon nap and it would be great if they were on a similar schedule.

So - enough writing - here are some pics from this morning.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Sorry no new posts for a while

Could you imagine - I am busy with a newborn - the nerve of me not to update my blog. LOL

I am actually stealing a subtopic from a blog that I read, since I knew I wanted to bring it up. Thanks Leah :)

The topic - MORE children.

My husband and I have NO intention of using any birth control at all after we get the clearance to have "relations" again. In fact, after I get the clearance, we will actually start trying for another baby. And by trying, right now that will just be OPKs and timed intercourse. We will probably not just "wing it" even though I know that my cycles will probably be out of whack, or non-existent.

I am not niave to think that it will happen right away, if at all. But, I am also not niave to think that it CAN'T happen right away. It took us more than 2 years to have a successful pregnancy. BUT, I did that without any medical intervention at all. So, it is possible that I could have that happen again.

We will not use medical treatments at all in the future to help acheive a pregnancy, but you know damn sure that I will use any and all medical intervention to help me STAY pregnant.

We want more children - end of story. We have not set a certain time line on anything. But, we will open our fost/adopt file again in the future if we think a pregnancy will not happen.

I hate the last line of the previous paragraph. Why? It seems like the fost/adopt is second choice. Now, while the process might be after we try on our own, a child would never be considered a second choice child. Not sure if I am explaining that well.

We have even considered not trying for another bio child, and going straight with the state. We would probably try to do straight adoption, which we are licensed for. This would eliminate the "what if" crap that we have to deal with Lil J. We still have no idea where his case stands, and to be honest - it is hard not knowing.

But, I do want to try to get pregnant again. Maybe it is because I am "advanced maternal age", maybe I just want to find out if it is even possible. Who knows?

I know many will say that I should just count my blessings. But, not having any more children is just not an option. We WILL have more kids, just not sure where they will come from :)

Monday, October 5, 2009

She WAS worth the wait....

I have started this post several times, even had it written out in my head. But, I have deleted so many times. It is so hard to put into word how I feel that "She was worth the wait"

I will try to explain below, but for now, here is her Birth Announcement, I did write "She was worth the wait" on the top. Oh, I I think the pic is super cute :)

OK, how do I explain that she really was worth the wait. We have had a crappy history trying to get and stay pregnant.

How do I say that I am happy how things turned out? How do I say that without our crappy year in 2008, I would not have my beautiful baby, or Lil J.

How do I explain that things happen for a reason, without making it sound like I do not mourn my lost babies?

Of course if I was able to keep even one of my previous pregnancies, I would have a baby, but that baby would not be Cora. Especially since I know that at least one of those babies was a boy.

I am almost tempted to delete this post as well, I can't seem to get what I want to say out. I can't stand the term "things happen for a reason" like I am not suposed to be sad or angry about my losses, as I now have a perfect healthy baby. But, it is kinda true.

Maybe I will delete this post, or edit it, or just leave the announcement. I guess no one will understand how I feel, unless they have been there.
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