Thursday, October 22, 2009

Cupcake Bites - take 2

See Previous Post about attempt #1.

I bought another mold which was a little bigger than the ones I got the other day. It was a different brand - I did not do it on purpose. I also got what I thought was pink sprinkles, but they are, in fact, lavender. Oh well LOL

Take 2 went much better, I used the "spiral" method to put the top on the cupcake bites. I do think it looks much better. The Brown Chocolate melts much better than the pink, so it did not spiral as nicely, but I still think it looks better than the other day. You can see that I used the smaller molds on the pink bottoms - the larger mold (and larger balls) look much better in my opinion.

I have white candies as well. I will probably make some with white tops, brown tops and pink tops. The sugar sprinkles are more down to scale than try 1 as well.

I always have random craft supplies around the house, so I put 3 bites in a cellophane bag and tired a simple bow. The ribbon was what I had around the house - but I will probably use a wider pink ribbon. I added the sticker, not really sure if it is needed though.

I have added some new pictures - what do you think of try #2?


Notwifezilla- Jackie said...

Looks delicious! I love edible favors.

Stacie said...

OMG, those are gorgeous!!!!

I love Try #2.

They look amazing in the little gift bags.

Leah said...

Very Nice!!! in the h e double hockey sticks do you have the time to do that???

Julie said...

They look cute! Pretty excited to eat them!

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