Friday, February 19, 2010

Faces of Cora

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Cora - 5 months old :)

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Wow - that is a lot of babies

I am one of 5 girls, but for the longest time Colin was the only grandchild.

But, my mom will go from 1 grandchild to 7 grandchildren in just 2 years.

I have Colin, my sis had her daughter in Nov 2008, we got Lil J in March 09 and then Cora was born in Sept 09.

Now, my one sister is pregnant again and due Sept 9, another sister just announced that she is pregnant and due Oct 11, and then me again - due Oct 20.

Did you catch that??? Yup, I am pregnant again. Which means that the two little ones will be 13 months apart.

And for those that are wondering - it was on our own again. Which is shocking, but not too much of a surprise.

We knew we were going to start trying right away, but would not use any additional treatments. After Cora was born, I lost about 30 pounds, my cycles were very regular and I was gettting positive OPKs each month.

So, we were actively trying since my 6 week PP visit. And since I was tracking ovulation, we knew there was a chance that we could conceive on our own again. But, we also knew that if it did not happen, we could use other ways to expand our family. In fact, we started talking about taking another placement. That will of course not happen right now. We just don't have the space in our house.

I am still very very early, but so far my betas and my progesterone look pretty good.

Draw # 1 hcG 128 - P4 11.4
Draw # 2 hcG 287 - P4 19
Draw # 3 hcg 866 - P4 24

I am still on prometrium, at the same dose as what I was with Cora (600mg a day), which I really seriously feel was the thing that kept me pregnant with Cora - it was a higher dose than my previous pregnancies.

I have a crappy miscarriage history, with 5 under my belt. So, we are really hoping this one sticks around and will probably be super nervous, just like last time. But, I want to keep telling myself - "today I am pregnant, and every day is a step in the right direction"

I still can't believe that I get to share this pregnancy with my sisters, it is kinda cool that all the kids will be so close in age. My mom is still shocked about the massive influx of grandchildren, but is SUPER excited.

I go for a scan next week, fingers crossed that everything is fine.


Saturday, February 13, 2010

Lil J's Race Car Birthday Party

We had a great time at Lil J's 4th birthday today. I ordered a "print-your-own" party kit and then added my own twist.

I loved how the swirled colorful cupcakes came out - got a great tutorial from THIS SITE

It worked out great, we had a car theme and I took that theme and just went with it, everyone loved it.

Lil J was SOOOO excited when everyone was singing Happy Birthday - we were thrilled to be able to share the excitment with him and our family.

Here are just a few pictures rom today, the order got all messed up because of the way they loaded, so they are kinda all over the place, but you get the idea :)

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Cora in her Decorated DOC Band

Cora got her DOC band today, so of course I had to rush right home and decorate it. I think it came out cute. So, here are some pics of Cora, and some of just the band.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Interesting conversation at the Photo Studio

Yesterday we went and got pics taken in a studio. Mainly for Lil J's b-day, but also threw Cora in the mix for some pictures. I wish I could share them, they came out really great. Bought WAY too many pictures and spent way too much money. It was the first time using this place - I am sure I will be back, but next time I will try harder not to get "suckered" into buying so much.

Lucky for me, we have lots of sisters that I am sure would love some pics :)

We had an interesting conversation with the woman who was taking the pictures.

She get her room set up and put Lil J wherever, tells him what to do, etc. She takes about 10 shots and then looks at the pics in her camera (guess looking to make sure light is good, good shots, etc). She says, "mom, he is squinting in a lot of them" where I reply - "oh, it is fine, don't worry about it"

She goes on to take many many pictures. I think in the end she took 75 pictures. She kept looking at the camera (again, making sure eyes not closed, good light, etc) When it came to view all the pics on the computer - she said, "mom, I am sorry - but it seems like I could not get too many where his eyes were not looking slanted or squinty"

I really just had to laugh. The reason why his eyes were slanted and squinty in the pics is because his eyes are slanted and squinty ON HIS FACE LOL.

Lil J is part Korean - He has blonde(ish) hair, blue eyes, and fair skin. Really the only thing that looks kinda korean is the shape of his eyes. And most of the time, you really can't tell. But, with a full smile, or a laugh, or when he is sick or tired, his eyes are "squinty".

But, what made the conversation interesting is what happened after I told the photographer that he is Korean. here is the conversation [paraphrased]:

Her: His eyes are squinty in most of the pics.
Me: I know - it is because he is korean, when he smiles big, his eyes look more almond shaped.
Her: He is asian? Would never have thought that.
Her: But???? You are not asian, right????
Her: And the baby does not look asian either. Hmm??
Me: Well, he is adopted (easier to say this than to explain the whole fost / adopt stuff)

It kinda went back and forth after that. She was never mean, or said anything hurtful, just confused I guess.

Now, Lil J is not biological to me - but there ARE people in the world that marry and have children outside of their own race. The thought never crossed her mind that I could have an asian husband or that was not mine biologically.

I am not saying that it was a bad conversation, just an interesting one

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Tickle Tickle

Here is a very quick video of Lil J making Cora laugh. I took a lot more than 11 seconds, but then I realized that I said Lil J's name, and he jumped into the frame a few times lol.

Still cute, even at only 11 seconds.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Homemade baby Food

At Cora's 4 month well visit, my doc said it was OK to start foods. I know this is a subject for debate. Some docs say 4 months, some say 6 months. I decided to slowly introduce foods starting with this 4 month visit.

At this point, feeding foods is really for practice, as food should never be a substitution for formula (or breastmilk), so I knew I did not have to dive right it.

Anyway, I really never looked into homemade baby food. To be honest (and NO offense to anyone), I thought it was something for "crunchy" folks. But, I started doing the math. Making my own was going to save tons of money. Plus, I figured that I could make a huge stash and have food for weeks.

Plus, how hard could it be? Cook some fruits and veggies and puree them. Purees are what baby food is - it is not like there is a special science behind it.

I started doing some research and found a great site: Wholesome Baby Food. Not only do they give "recipes", but they tell you how to start, what order to do things in, sample menus, how to store, etc. It has been very helpful.

Now, you might think to yourself - I do not have all the special equipment to make my own baby food. Well, there is NO special equipment that you NEED. Of course, I am sure there are all sorts of gadgets that you can get, but I am just using what I already had in my house: Rice cooker AKA steamer, a blender, ice cube trays. OK - that is a lie. I bought the ice trays - but only because we have an ice maker in the fridge, so we did not have any. I did not buy any type of fancy ice trays, just standard run of the mill ice cube trays.

Basically, you can use fresh fruits and veggies or use frozen ones. There are a bunch of websites out there that will tell you what is better - but basically it does not matter. You really can't use canned because of the preservatives.

I just followed the "recipes" on the site above. After the food is cooked, I just stick it in the blender with some water and blend away. There is no rhyme or reason behind the amount of water, just until I get the consistency that I want.

After blended, put into ice cube trays. Once frozen, you can just put all cubes in a freezer bag.

Easy peasy!

Each cube is about 1 oz, so you just defrost what you need as you need them. Most jars of baby food are between 2.5 oz and 4 oz.

I decided to make a bunch and just freeze. Not that I am going to get bored (per se), but sometimes it is just easier to get in a groove. Plus, once I am sure Cora is ok with a certain food, I can offer her some variety. We will probably only make our own for the basic fruits and veggies. I can NOT see myself pureeing meats.

This is what I have made so far, along with how much it cost. Store bought baby food is about $0.50 a jar. So, for a 2.5 oz jar, it is about $0.20 an oz. For a 4 oz jar, about $0.12 an oz. Now, this is what I personally made so far, I will add to this post as I make more. You make get more or less based on your liquid amounts and your puree consistency. I am using standard rounding.

Bought: about 2 pounds (fresh)
Cost: $0.79/lb = $1.58
Yield: 22 cubes (oz)
Cost per oz: $0.07

Bought: one bag (fresh)
Cost: $2.99
Yield: 40 cubes (oz)
Cost per oz: $0.07

Butternut Squash
Bought: 1 medium bag (not sure of oz) (frozen)
Cost: $1.79 [sale]
Yield: 32 cubes (oz)
Cost per oz: $0.06

Bought: 1 bag (minus a few lol) (fresh)
Cost: $1.50 (estimate since there were a few missing. A bag cost $1.99)
Yield: 14 cubes (oz)
Cost per oz: $0.10

Sweet Potatoes
Bought: 4 Sweet Potatoes
Cost: $0.69 each = $2.76
Yield: 36 cubes (oz)
Cost per oz: $0.08

In my freezer, I have peas, green beans, and peas & carrots. A large bag was on sale for $1.34, so I could not resist. We don't eat frozen veggies, so I have no idea if this was a good price, but I figured it seemed like a bargain considering the size of the bag.

So, there you have it. I am making my own baby food. Never thought I would say that. But, it is working for now. Cora does not seem to care (not that she had store food lol). Like I said, it will probably just be fruits, veggies, mixes of those. I just can not see cooking up a chicken and sending it through the blender. But, you never know - I might change my mind in a few months.
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