Sunday, May 29, 2011

I am a slacker

I have written a blog post in a while. Nothing has really been going on, but life keeps us busy. I am still sewing as much as I can - but my machine really hates me right now. There is something wrong with the bobbin, I almost threw the machine across the room yesterday.

I made an entire outfit as a gift. Of course I waited until Friday to make it for a Sat party. It was not hard stuff, or anything that is time consuming. But, when your machine is crazy, breaks 5 needles, jams every 10 stitches, it was getting me really pissed off. I almost had to hand sew the entire skirt. At least I was smart and did the shirt first - it the skirt was never made, it would not have been too big a deal.

But, in the end - I was able to finish the whole outfit. I have another party next week - this time for Lil J. I was planning on making a super hero cape for one of his friends. If my machine does not cooperate, I will be in trouble. This time I won't wait until Friday to make it.

But, here is the finished outfit :)

Thursday, May 19, 2011

I wish it was just over already

Without going into too many specifics, it is getting annoying with the bio father. He said he would surrender, then said wanted an attorney, then said he could only do it in person, then said he couldn't make it on a certain day, then needed to postpone again, bla bla bla

Rights on mom were terminated about 2 months ago. This guy has never seen Lil J, but it is not like he did not know about him. They were together until she was about 6 months pregnant. He was contacted 2+ years ago when Lil J was placed in care. He has ignored court orders for DNA tests.

UGH - at this point it really is just a formality. But, we really wanted to start the process of the adoption paperwork. We wanted to finalize before the girls' birthday party (Sept). We still hope to finalize before the end of the year.

It is just getting old.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Kids Clothing Weekly Challenge - Day 6&7

I have to say - day 6 & 7 of the KCWC are really boring. I love making these skirts, and I LOVE this print (same as the bonnet). I actually *mostly* made both of these skirts a few weeks ago. All except the the elastic was done.

So, my day 6&7 sewing was adding the elastic and doing some minor hand sewing.

I seriously love this print, I will have to go back and see if I can get some more. I would love to make some shorts or something else super cute. Might work out well since the girls' b-day party theme will be butterflies. And, NO - I am not thinking that far in advance. We had to cancel Cora's party since I was on bedrest - so we are having a combined party with the same theme as we planned for Cora.

I have lots of new ideas for the party - guess you will just have to wait until Sept :)

So, until I can get Cora to wear these (and better weather) - here is a pic of the two skirts.

Friday, May 13, 2011

Kids Clothing Weekly Challenge - Day 4 & 5

I DID blog about this yesterday, but I guess blogger is having issues. Anyway - I will just blog about day 4 & 5 in one post.

Yesterday I made a shirred top and quick shorts. I sewed MUCH longer than an hour. Had tons of issues with my machine, but - in the end I like the result for the most part.

I did the sleeves 3 times and I am still not satified. But, good enough for a pic. Her shorts are too small, but again - good enough for the pic. This is the first time that I shirred, and I really like the result. It was really easy - and there are tutorials all over the web.

I actually made Lil J's cape on day one. I had a school trip today, so I saved it until today to post about.

I bought the "fabric" not too long ago. It was actually a body pillow case. I just loved the print, and I got it on clearance for only $1 SCORE. I still have a bit left; so I will make a skirt out of that.

It was hard to find boyish stuff in my stash. A floral super hero cape is not too cool. lol.

So, here you go. Day 4 and 5.

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Kids Clothing Weekly Challenge - Day 4

Today is day 4 of the Kids Clothing Challenge. I spent WAY more than an hour sewing today. I had issues with my bobbin, had issues with the sleeves, bla bla bla.

Anyway - today I made a shirred top and a set of quick shorts. This is my first time doing shirring. And, it was really easy and the results are really cute. Basically - you hand thread a bobbin with elastic thread, use the highest tension, and highest stitch, and sew in lines on the RIGHT side of the fabric. There are TONS of tutorials on the web about shirring, but here is one. I don't think she uses the highest tension, but I did and thought it came out great.

I used colored thread for the shirring, two different colors. I intended to do that - to match the shorts. But, it kinda looks like I ran out of the blue and just had to switch to the pink. Oh, well - no biggie.

I used ric-rac on the hem, because who doesn't LOVE ric rac. I know I do :)

I attached (and took off) the sleeves 3 times. I am STILL not happy with them. I like how they "ruffle" out, and that was on purpose. But, the seem too close to the edge of the shirt, and are falling down. For now, they are fine. I really wanted to get a few pics.

The shorts are too small, but OK for some quick pics. Since these are really fast, I will just make again.

The shirt is made without a pattern. Just a rectangle of fabric, shirred on the top, and then sewn. Same with the sleeves. I left a lot un-shirred to make the ruffle.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Kids Clothing Weekly Challenge (KCWC) - Day 3

Today is day 3 of the Clothing Challenge. So far, I am going strong. Like I said yesterday, I am actually a day ahead. I will share that extra project soon.

Today I made a peasant style dress. I used a tutorial from Prudent Baby found HERE. It is a really sweet pattern, and I am sure I will use it again. Since I am committed to ONLY making things that I have not made before, everything comes with a learning curve. So, even today, I made some mistakes. Nothing major, but things that I would not do the next time.

I bought this fabric just because I loved it. It's a problem. I can't go into the fabric store without falling in LOVE with something. I have so much fabric in my house - it is insane.

I think the dress, overall, came out cute. Like I said - I will probably make it again. Hopefully not making the same mistakes that I did this time.

Lucky for us the weather has been great around here, perfect for outdoor pics :)

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Kids Clothing Week Challenge (KCWC) - Day 2

Today is day 2 of the KCWC. I actually made day two yesterday, but I will save that post for tomorrow.

Today I made new capris for Cora with a matching appliqued top. I bought this fabric not too long ago and LOVE it. It is so bright and cheery (is that a word?). I made a skirt for my niece and really wanted to keep it for Cora. No worries, I bought TONS of it. I will probably make a dress for Elsie with the same fabric.

I am really loving this challenge - it is helping me stick to my goal of doing more around the house and less PC time. Yes, I know - I am ON the PC lol. But, I am trying to spend less time - not NO time lol.

Anyway - I think they came out cute. But, I made some MAJOR mistakes on the pants. So major that I would have to start from scratch. So, I figured most people are not going to notice, and it is not like I am selling them. So, Cora will be wearing an oops pair of pants. Oh well.



Monday, May 9, 2011

Kids Clothing Week Challenge (KCWC) - Day 1

I found out about the Kids Clothing Week Challenge through a message board that I frequent. Basically - you have to sew for one hour each day for a week. Sewing all kids clothes. What is great about it is that it is not a strict play only by the rules type of thing. Sew for more than an hour, fine. Sewing less, A-OK. Sew "kinda" clothes, no problemo.

My goal this week is to make something new each day, and to make something for Lil J - he always get slighted lol.

Today, I decided to make a Ruffled Bonnet based on The Ruffled Bonnet Tutorial from The Cottage Home. She has lots of tutorials on her site, in fact - I used her Party Dress pattern for the Easter Dresses. The bonnet was super easy (and FAST) to make, I love it so much - I think I am going to make some for gifts!

So - here is my Day One Project

Ruffled Bonnet for Elsie

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Mother's Day Craft

I knew I wanted to make something for my mom from the kids for mother's day. Someone on a message board shared an idea about a handprint craft. It got my wheels spinning, and I searched the web looking for some ideas.

The first pic was the pic that served as my inspiration; and then the second is how I did mine. Turns out, 4 hands, with one being HUGE does not really fit on a tote bag lol. I got some tips here and there, and while it is far from my best work, it is just fine. My mom will like it - well, I think so.

I used fabric for the leaves and stems.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Curl or Cowlick?

Cora basically has no hair. Except on the very top of her head in the back. She has always had this longer piece of hair, so it does not surprise me that it is short everywhere else.

But, her hair is wierd. She has a spiral in the back of her head. And, I can't figure out if it is a curl, or a giant cowlick (sp). All of the hair on the back of her head grows totally sideways. After a bath, the hair is sideways, but after an hour or so - it is this giant spiral on the top of her head. It goes around twice. Yup, not once - but twice.

Her hair is really long back there, everywhere else is only about 1/2 inch long. I guess this is why everyone thinks she is a boy LOL

I know it will look totally different when her hair is longer. And, of course the spiral will not just keep going round and round - my goodness, I HOPE not. But, I also hope she does not have this gigantic cowlick back there. yikes!

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