Thursday, May 19, 2011

I wish it was just over already

Without going into too many specifics, it is getting annoying with the bio father. He said he would surrender, then said wanted an attorney, then said he could only do it in person, then said he couldn't make it on a certain day, then needed to postpone again, bla bla bla

Rights on mom were terminated about 2 months ago. This guy has never seen Lil J, but it is not like he did not know about him. They were together until she was about 6 months pregnant. He was contacted 2+ years ago when Lil J was placed in care. He has ignored court orders for DNA tests.

UGH - at this point it really is just a formality. But, we really wanted to start the process of the adoption paperwork. We wanted to finalize before the girls' birthday party (Sept). We still hope to finalize before the end of the year.

It is just getting old.

1 comment:

DrL said...

Man, that does sound frustrating. He's going to get one heck of a party when this is all over.

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