Wednesday, January 26, 2011

More Ruffle Bloomers

We have yet another snow day here in NJ, so I made another ruffle bloomer. The two bloomers are totally different. I used wider ruffles this time and made a different hair thing. I am not sure which width I like the best, but I can tell you that I really do not like this hair flower thing. I think it is because the width is just too wide.

Plus, I get to show off pics of my cutie as well :)

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Monday, January 24, 2011

Ruffle Bloomers

I have seen a few places that have ruffle bloomers for babies. In my head, I thought - "hey, that would be cute for a 1st b-day shoot" Yes, totally thinking ahead for Elsie. LOL

But, I thought maybe I could have their Valentine's Photos in these ruffle bloomers. BUT - I knew that if I played around with a pattern, that I could probably make them myself. It is just a bloomer and ruffles.

So, I bought some fabric in coordinating patterns and played around a bit. I made my own bloomer pattern based on a pair that Cora had. Then, figured out where I wanted to put the ruffles, and tada....ruffled bloomers.

I took the left over ruffles and just made a quick hair flower and attached it to a headband.

So so super cute!!! I think they both look super cute, in totally differnt ways lol

Friday, January 21, 2011

It is Jammie Time

Elsie is really starting to become a person. LOL But seriously. She is really starting to have some personality and really starting to giggle.

Here is our rendition of "Hammertime" If I need to explain that, then you are too young LOL. She also likes "I like big burps and I can not like"

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Court Update

Don't get excited, this will be short. The update on our court date yesterday is that there was no court.

Our hearing was adjorned with no new date set. And, it was not adjorned for any good reason, just to lessen the caseload of the judge.

The thing that annoyed me the most is that I did not find out until I was at the courthouse for over an hour just waiting to be called. AND - it was cancelled the day before. My caseworker was not notified until the day of court, and was IN court all day. So, she really did not find out until she got back to the office during lunch.

Lil J's attorney did not know either. So, we were going to try to get "squeezed" in since everyone was there. Well, not everyone - since his mom was not there (no surprise there). So, I sat there for over an hour just waited to see if we would get called in. The answer: NO WAY

But, I did find out that we ARE on the calendar for mediation in Feb. Although that just means that we should have it in feb, but not that we have an actual date. I guess this was part of the previous court order - you know the ONLY court date that I missed. It was 2 days after Elsie was born.

So - if bio mom agrees to the mediation, then that will be in Feb. The fact that this case was adjorned has no bearing on the mediation, which is good.

So - I just wanted to give yet another non update

Sunday, January 16, 2011

50's Themed Birthday Party for my mom

We had a surprise birthday party for my mom yesterday. She was born in the 50's, so we had a 50's themed party. It was so much planning it and and was even more fun seeing the look on her face when we all yelled surprise!

Lil J had a stomache bug and had to stay home with my husband. But, other than that - it was a great party. And, we totally pulled off the surprise - she had no idea at all. Here are just a few pics from the party.

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Thursday, January 13, 2011

A non-update on Lil J

This post was supposed to be from the other day, but I forgot to publish it. it is 2 days later. lol

I realized that today was the 11th of the month, which means that Lil J has been with us for exactly 22 months now. That is almost 2 years! Wow, life goes by so fast.

I uploaded a bunch of pics to a digital frame I got recently, and I can not believe how much he has grown since March '09. He looks so much more mature, is so much taller, and his hair is FINALLY decent. (*for those that don't remember, he had super thick, super gross 'cradle cap' type of dead skin on about 50+% of his head. And because of that, his hair was very patchy. AND, he was treated for lice when he was first put into care, and the little hair that he had was either cut badly or clipped badly. So, to say he had bad hair was an understatement!)

His mom was missing for a while (posted about it here) and while she did resurface (with a message to my caseworker's supervisor), no one really knows where she was or what she was doing those 2 months.

Lil J has not seen her since Oct 27, which was the last visit. She has missed every visit since then. Tomorrow is a scheduled visit - but our area is set to get hit with a big storm.

So either:
1) it is considered a "State of Emergency" and therefore the CPS office is closed; or
2) mom does not call to confirm the visit; or
3) mom does call, but cancels due to the impending storm.

So, I really don't see the visit happening. UPDATE - since this post is 2 days late. She never called to confirm or cancel the visit. So, the visit never happened.

We have a "Case Management Review" court hearing next week. Basically, they go over the details of the case, talk about what his mom has NOT been doing, what she HAS been doing (like bad things), and talks about Lil J's home life.

We finally have our original judge back, and she is a very no nonsense judge. There is a possibility that she will schedule a termination trial as the next court date. I heard a *rumor* that it could be around March/April. I am not holding my breath. But, since Mom has done NOTHING towards her plan, keeps getting in trouble, and misses tons of visits - it might be a good chance.

So - I just wanted to give a non-update update :) I will update again next week after court

Some pics

Lil J is ready to rock!
A little girl in a big chair, and a big girl in a (getting) small chair LOL

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Pics of the girls - FAIL!

We don't have many of the same outfits for the girls. So, since they were wearing the same outfit today, I figured I would try to take some pictures.

Yeah, well - that is easier said than done LOL

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

yay for facebook *sigh*

I have been trying to reconnect with a friend of mine from way back when. He is actually one of Colin's God-Fathers and we just lost touch over the years. Yeah, I KNOW - horrible.

In the past few years, I have sent mail to his last known address, sent messages to his brother who I found on facebook (3 actually, thanks dude), found a myspace page (looked like he never even used it) and even found a possible employer who had a facebook page - who I posted a message on their FB fan page.

I looked for siblings, etc on facebook as well.

Well, his mom just joined facebook and sent me a friend request/message. I was thrilled!!! She has been divorced/remarried/divorced, etc so I never knew her name to search for her. I sent her back a message asking her to forward my contact info to my friend. Also updated her on what has been going on with us, etc (she asked).

After 2 messages, she no longer wants to e-mail - but would rather call me. I guess she would rather talk. Well, 2 messages was about all I had to say to her. You know, how are you, what are you up to, I have more kids, I live in NJ, tell your son to e-mail me, etc. I mean, really - what would we really have to talk about? She also contacted me directly through e-mail because she said she was uncomfortable with the "safety" of FB messages. (??)

So, now since I gave her my phone number to give to her son, she has it. And, is planning on using it to call me soon. Great. Yay. Sensing the sarcasm?? I don't want to be rude or anything. But, I really did not know her then, and I only accepted her friend request to have a contact to her son.

I guess I will be screening my calls. I would rather contact through e-mail, and if we really had stuff to chat about other than the standard small talk stuff, then maybe phone calls.

Don't get me wrong, I LOVE facebook. Just would like to keep some people strictly facebook friends (lol)

Her Name is Elsie - she is not a cow

Bessie = cow
Elsie = beautiful baby girl

Geez. I go on a name message board to see what people are naming their kids. I went on there before my girls were born to get ideas, etc. I still go on there to check out names.

In the last 2 weeks, at least 4 people have asked about the name Elsie - which I find super weird since it is NOT a popular name at all.

Almost every response is "Yuck, I totally think COW" Well, guess what - she is not a cow, but a beautiful baby girl.

I guess I never really researched her name too much - yes, I know now that Elsie is the B.orden Cow. But, I really don't care.

Monday, January 3, 2011

Some new pictures

I even threw one of Colin in there lol

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