Monday, January 24, 2011

Ruffle Bloomers

I have seen a few places that have ruffle bloomers for babies. In my head, I thought - "hey, that would be cute for a 1st b-day shoot" Yes, totally thinking ahead for Elsie. LOL

But, I thought maybe I could have their Valentine's Photos in these ruffle bloomers. BUT - I knew that if I played around with a pattern, that I could probably make them myself. It is just a bloomer and ruffles.

So, I bought some fabric in coordinating patterns and played around a bit. I made my own bloomer pattern based on a pair that Cora had. Then, figured out where I wanted to put the ruffles, and tada....ruffled bloomers.

I took the left over ruffles and just made a quick hair flower and attached it to a headband.

So so super cute!!! I think they both look super cute, in totally differnt ways lol

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