Thursday, January 20, 2011

Court Update

Don't get excited, this will be short. The update on our court date yesterday is that there was no court.

Our hearing was adjorned with no new date set. And, it was not adjorned for any good reason, just to lessen the caseload of the judge.

The thing that annoyed me the most is that I did not find out until I was at the courthouse for over an hour just waiting to be called. AND - it was cancelled the day before. My caseworker was not notified until the day of court, and was IN court all day. So, she really did not find out until she got back to the office during lunch.

Lil J's attorney did not know either. So, we were going to try to get "squeezed" in since everyone was there. Well, not everyone - since his mom was not there (no surprise there). So, I sat there for over an hour just waited to see if we would get called in. The answer: NO WAY

But, I did find out that we ARE on the calendar for mediation in Feb. Although that just means that we should have it in feb, but not that we have an actual date. I guess this was part of the previous court order - you know the ONLY court date that I missed. It was 2 days after Elsie was born.

So - if bio mom agrees to the mediation, then that will be in Feb. The fact that this case was adjorned has no bearing on the mediation, which is good.

So - I just wanted to give yet another non update

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