Thursday, January 13, 2011

A non-update on Lil J

This post was supposed to be from the other day, but I forgot to publish it. it is 2 days later. lol

I realized that today was the 11th of the month, which means that Lil J has been with us for exactly 22 months now. That is almost 2 years! Wow, life goes by so fast.

I uploaded a bunch of pics to a digital frame I got recently, and I can not believe how much he has grown since March '09. He looks so much more mature, is so much taller, and his hair is FINALLY decent. (*for those that don't remember, he had super thick, super gross 'cradle cap' type of dead skin on about 50+% of his head. And because of that, his hair was very patchy. AND, he was treated for lice when he was first put into care, and the little hair that he had was either cut badly or clipped badly. So, to say he had bad hair was an understatement!)

His mom was missing for a while (posted about it here) and while she did resurface (with a message to my caseworker's supervisor), no one really knows where she was or what she was doing those 2 months.

Lil J has not seen her since Oct 27, which was the last visit. She has missed every visit since then. Tomorrow is a scheduled visit - but our area is set to get hit with a big storm.

So either:
1) it is considered a "State of Emergency" and therefore the CPS office is closed; or
2) mom does not call to confirm the visit; or
3) mom does call, but cancels due to the impending storm.

So, I really don't see the visit happening. UPDATE - since this post is 2 days late. She never called to confirm or cancel the visit. So, the visit never happened.

We have a "Case Management Review" court hearing next week. Basically, they go over the details of the case, talk about what his mom has NOT been doing, what she HAS been doing (like bad things), and talks about Lil J's home life.

We finally have our original judge back, and she is a very no nonsense judge. There is a possibility that she will schedule a termination trial as the next court date. I heard a *rumor* that it could be around March/April. I am not holding my breath. But, since Mom has done NOTHING towards her plan, keeps getting in trouble, and misses tons of visits - it might be a good chance.

So - I just wanted to give a non-update update :) I will update again next week after court

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