Thursday, July 29, 2010


Cora is getting brave with the cruising. She tries to get from one place to another even if those 2 places are pretty far from each other.

Well, today she took it a little too far, and smacked her face right on the glass shelf of the TV table.


The first picture is about an hour after it happened, I really thought it was going to get much worse as the day went on. But, a few hours later at lunch (2nd pic) - not so bad. Still a pretty bad bruise, but not black eye like I thought.

The last pic was NOT when it happened, she was just mad that I would not pick her up. But, that (X10) was what her crying face looked like when she fell LOL.

I am sure this will be the first of MANY MANY bruises, especially since she gets into everything and is starting to really get around.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

28W Scan

Had a scan today to check on the progress of the fluid in the kidneys. The fluid is GONE! Yipee, one less thing that I have to worry about.

The baby is also measuring big (just like Cora did); and at 28 weeks, the baby weighs 3 pounds already! Wowza

The tech also said that the baby has very long legs.

I still can't get over how much detail is in these scans. It is amazing how far technology has come.

I will have to check last years posts to see if I have scan from Cora to compare these to :)

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Hello, 3rd trimester

I am 27 Weeks today, and depending on how you measure the trimesters, I either started the 3rd trimester a few days ago, today, or will in a few days LOL

I used this site to figure out the days.

Honestly, I think 27 W is the easiest way to figure it out. I know a few days does not make a difference in the grand skeme of things, but a cool milestone non the less.

I am really showing now, no doubting my pregnancy that is for sure. Every day I get more and more uncomfortable. The baby is resting high up in my abdomen, which means sitting up straight makes me not breathe too well. Plus this means more acid reflux, harder time sleeping, harder to hold Cora, etc, etc.

It is crazy, because when you think of it - I had Cora at 37 weeks, which means I could possibly only have about 10 weeks left!!! Wow, that seems so close.

My sister thinks I will deliver in Sept, I have Oct 4th in my head. I was only one day off with my guess for Cora. We will see.

We - um, I mean me, are still working on names. Frank hates each and every name I had on an every expanding list. And, not just "eh, I don't know" but, "NO WAY!" I have added a few more to the list, but he thinks it is too early to talk about names. What????

We picked Cora's name 3 days before she was born. We will probably do the same this time around. But, I would at least like to narrow down a list. Picking names is hard enough. It really does take some time to fall in love with a name that is "on the list".

And, what makes it worse, is that the list is only girls names - since Frank would like a boy named after him, and he is a a jr. I am not fond of this idea - but I guess it is what it is.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Beach Vacation :)

We went down to the beach for a few days. Everyone had a great time. I wish I could share more pics, I took over 300 pictures.

Digital cameras are great, I know I would not have used that much film for such a short vacation. Plus, it allows me to take lots of internet OK pics of Lil J.

There has been many a time where I take pic after pic, only to develop the film to find out that none of them came out. At least with digital, you can take as many as you want and just delete the ones that are crap :)

I was able to get one pic of the 3 kids together. Although in all of that shot, not everyone is looking at the camera. Oh well.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010


Lil J got this for Christmas, and it is finally warm enough for us to take it out.

We went to a local park where the parking lot is basically empty. He was totally into it. And, he figured out how to go in reverse, and even do K-Turns. Look Out!

Cora loved the car too (did not go anywhere though), and she loved watching Lil J.

OK, no matter how many times I loaded the slide show, nothing comes up (at least for me), so if you want to see the pics, just click on "View all images" :)

Monday, July 12, 2010

Looks NOTHING like her daddy lol

Couple things to note:

1) Frank is REALLY tan - all the lunchtime b-ball and golf.
2) Although Frank is really tan, he is still pretty pale, and
3) Yes - Cora is super pale, like casper the ghost pale lol

But, seriously - she looks so much like him. Even perfect strangers that I had JUST met this day said there was no doubt who her daddy is.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

25 Weeks - Scan Pics

I will be 25 weeks tomorrow. When I went to the docs last week, I was measuring ahead using the tape. I really thought this was strange, since I had just popped and really did not think I was that big.

And, even though a few weeks ago I could feel the baby, I really can't feel the baby anymore. The heartbeat was fine on the doppler. But, between the two things, they wanted me to go for a scan.

Heck, I am not going to turn down a "freebie" scan. They scan was today. The last scan I had, I was pretty upset about the lack of pictures. Yes, I KNOW - an u/s is not only for cool pics for the mom. But, I got a pic of a foot, and the skull. The skull, not even the face or a profile pic.

So, today, I was a little more proactive. I saw a cute pic on the screen, and said - "Oh, that is a cute one, can I get a pic of that?" I got a few. But, the weird thing is that I asked about a 3d pic, and then got all 3d pics. Well - she did these last. She did not give me any regular pics. Was she not going to give me ANY? I know lots of people like the 3d the best, but sometimes they look like aliens or just plain weird. Regular scans are cool too.

Yes, I am glad I got some pics. But, I really think I would not have gotten any unless I said something. It is possible that I did not get any regular pics because she really did not concentrate on the face or anything "cool"

So, here are the pics - and yup, kinda looks like an alien. I can already see a resemblance to Cora and Frank. I have no idea why the one pic is a half pic, that is how it printed

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