Saturday, December 25, 2010

2 years later

It is amazing how much my family has changed in 2 short years. Colin is so much bigger and we doubled our family size! You can see that my mom did some improvements to her living room as well lol

Two years ago, I would NEVER have dreamed my life would be how it is today - and I would not change a thing. Our family is complete :)

The first picture is from 2008, the second is from today (Christmas 2010).

I should have worn flats - I know I was wearing flats in 2008. And, for the FIRST time, I am glad I had to blur out Lil J's face. He was being a total sour puss in every picture. He wanted to get up, get down, lay on the floor, etc, etc.

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Christmas Eve Eve

Christmas is just a few days away, and I feel like I am so unprepared. I don't know what it is - but, I guess I am just having the Christmas Blahs.

I still have wrapping to do, still have stocking stuff to buy, still have to ...........

I got started early on shopping, and now here it is two days away and I am not done.

Maybe because it is harder (but not impossible) to get out of the house, maybe it is because Frank has worked later EVERY day for months - getting home after the kids are in bed, I don't know.

Please - someone kick me in the head with some Christmas Spirit.

Monday, December 20, 2010

15 Month Stats

Cora had her 15 month appointment last week. I just have not had a second to post about it.

People keep saying that she looks like a 2 yr old. Never really thought that much about it. Yeah, she is a big girl, but she still looks like a baby. maybe it is the lack of hair.

So her stats:

Weight: 27.5 pounds
Height: 32.5 inches tall

That finally puts her on the chart! 95% for both.

Friday, December 17, 2010

My Life in Pictures

I found this application on facebook and think it is the coolest thing. It basically takes all your pictures from facebook and makes a (super fast) slide show. I can't stop watching it :)

"When are the girls gonna leave?"

That is what Lil J keeps asking me. "when are the girls gonna leave"

We talk about his mom. We tell him that he lived with his mom when he was a baby. This is usually in response to something that the girls do. He might say something like "remember when I was a baby......"

He knows that he has two moms, he knows that he came to live with us at about 3 years old, he knows that he mom loves him, bla bla bla.

Well, apparently, he thinks that his life is what happens to everyone. That you live with one mom as a baby, and then live with another when you get older. He keeps saying that when the girls get older, they are going to live with their other mom. It totally breaks my heart that he thinks this is the norm.

I have tried to explain to him that the girls are here to stay, and that HE is also here as part of our family. And, that the other mom was not able to take good care of him, which is why he is part of our family now. And, while he does not live with the other mom now, that she loves him very much.

He really doesn't have many memories from before he came to us, or at least he does not talk about anything. He came to us a month after his 3rd birthday, and really how many kids have memories from when they are 2 yrs old?

Ugh, heart crushing.

We are actually VERY concerned about his mother right now. There has been a strange twist in his case.

His mother is currently MISSING. Yup, she is missing. Because one reason or another, the visit schedule had changed back and forth between every week and every other week. On October 27, she had her last visit. At that time, the visits were to be every other week.

Well, since then, she has not contacted our caseworker at all. She is supposed to call 24 hours before a visit to confirm that she will be there. But, not only has she not called to confirm the visits (which were obviously cancelled), but her phone goes right to voicemail, she does not return phone calls, and 2 certified letters were never picked up from the post office.

So, short of driving out to her house, she is officially missing. It has been almost 2 months of no contact. And to be honest, I am concerned for her. Very concerned. Other than when he was first here, and she had no contact with the CW for 3-4 months, she has not just disappeared. Yes, she missed plenty of visits, didn't call to confirm a visit, etc. But, it has never been this long without contact of any kind.

Most of her missed visits were either because of no confirmation, or she would call and give a lame excuse.

My CW has been advised by her supervisor that they need to do an official "search" for her, which means sending more certified letters, more phone calls, checking hospitals, jails, etc.

In our state, one reason for termination of rights is abandonment. Since we are heading towards termination anyway, this will just be another item on the list which shows that termination is the proper and correct thing to do.

But, I was hoping that she would surrender her rights, I was hoping that she would care enough to want contact with him, that I would not have to explain to Lil J one day that I don't know where she is or what happened to her :(

So, it is a huge change in the case, not one that I ever saw coming.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010


One day, I might get them both to look at the camera LOL

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Annual Cookie Baking

Every year we have a cookie baking marathon with my sisters. We bake all day and then make baskets for so many people - work, parties that we go to, the doorman, pre-school teachers, etc, etc

Each year, we keep track of the # of cookies that we made. This year it was 136 dozen plus a few. That is over 1632 cookies!! I really should have counted the number of baskets that I made, but they were all different sizes, and all had different amounts.

But, I did count the number of cookies when I was preparing one of the plates/baskets. There was 75 cookies on that plate. I could have added more, but they were starting to topple lol. And, that was one of the "small" plates.

At the end of the night I was exhusted!

Monday, December 6, 2010

Brownie Covered Oreos

I got this idea from Picky Palate, and knew I just had to make them. Now, they are no where near as pretty as the examples, but they are yummy!

You can click on the first picture to see kinda step-by-step instructions. The only thing that is not written is that the pans must be well sprayed with cooking spray

My kids, the clones

OK, I think they look TOTALLY different in these pics, but when I asked my husband - he could not tell at all. I even showed him several pics and he could figure it out.

I think it is prett cool that I have all of Cora's clothes, and that I can *try* to take similar pics. This one however, was totally on accident. I was taking pics of Elsie and when I saw them I realized that I had pics of Cora in the same outfit. When I looked up the pics of Cora, most were in the same exact position. But, at this age, almost EVERY pic in in the same pose. She is just wedged in a corner lol.

Friday, December 3, 2010

Happy Anniversary

Frank and I got married 5 years ago today. Man, my life has changed so much in those 5 years!

I look at these pics and can't believe how little Colin is - he is now 6 feet tall!

It was so bitter cold that day, but we were DETERMINED to have outdoor pics. So glad we did, because they are some of my favorite pics. Sorry they are so big lol

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