Sunday, December 12, 2010

Annual Cookie Baking

Every year we have a cookie baking marathon with my sisters. We bake all day and then make baskets for so many people - work, parties that we go to, the doorman, pre-school teachers, etc, etc

Each year, we keep track of the # of cookies that we made. This year it was 136 dozen plus a few. That is over 1632 cookies!! I really should have counted the number of baskets that I made, but they were all different sizes, and all had different amounts.

But, I did count the number of cookies when I was preparing one of the plates/baskets. There was 75 cookies on that plate. I could have added more, but they were starting to topple lol. And, that was one of the "small" plates.

At the end of the night I was exhusted!

1 comment:

mgrands said...

It was fun and I love the pics!

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