Tuesday, July 6, 2010

25 Weeks - Scan Pics

I will be 25 weeks tomorrow. When I went to the docs last week, I was measuring ahead using the tape. I really thought this was strange, since I had just popped and really did not think I was that big.

And, even though a few weeks ago I could feel the baby, I really can't feel the baby anymore. The heartbeat was fine on the doppler. But, between the two things, they wanted me to go for a scan.

Heck, I am not going to turn down a "freebie" scan. They scan was today. The last scan I had, I was pretty upset about the lack of pictures. Yes, I KNOW - an u/s is not only for cool pics for the mom. But, I got a pic of a foot, and the skull. The skull, not even the face or a profile pic.

So, today, I was a little more proactive. I saw a cute pic on the screen, and said - "Oh, that is a cute one, can I get a pic of that?" I got a few. But, the weird thing is that I asked about a 3d pic, and then got all 3d pics. Well - she did these last. She did not give me any regular pics. Was she not going to give me ANY? I know lots of people like the 3d the best, but sometimes they look like aliens or just plain weird. Regular scans are cool too.

Yes, I am glad I got some pics. But, I really think I would not have gotten any unless I said something. It is possible that I did not get any regular pics because she really did not concentrate on the face or anything "cool"

So, here are the pics - and yup, kinda looks like an alien. I can already see a resemblance to Cora and Frank. I have no idea why the one pic is a half pic, that is how it printed

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