Sunday, May 29, 2011

I am a slacker

I have written a blog post in a while. Nothing has really been going on, but life keeps us busy. I am still sewing as much as I can - but my machine really hates me right now. There is something wrong with the bobbin, I almost threw the machine across the room yesterday.

I made an entire outfit as a gift. Of course I waited until Friday to make it for a Sat party. It was not hard stuff, or anything that is time consuming. But, when your machine is crazy, breaks 5 needles, jams every 10 stitches, it was getting me really pissed off. I almost had to hand sew the entire skirt. At least I was smart and did the shirt first - it the skirt was never made, it would not have been too big a deal.

But, in the end - I was able to finish the whole outfit. I have another party next week - this time for Lil J. I was planning on making a super hero cape for one of his friends. If my machine does not cooperate, I will be in trouble. This time I won't wait until Friday to make it.

But, here is the finished outfit :)

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