Saturday, February 13, 2010

Lil J's Race Car Birthday Party

We had a great time at Lil J's 4th birthday today. I ordered a "print-your-own" party kit and then added my own twist.

I loved how the swirled colorful cupcakes came out - got a great tutorial from THIS SITE

It worked out great, we had a car theme and I took that theme and just went with it, everyone loved it.

Lil J was SOOOO excited when everyone was singing Happy Birthday - we were thrilled to be able to share the excitment with him and our family.

Here are just a few pictures rom today, the order got all messed up because of the way they loaded, so they are kinda all over the place, but you get the idea :)


Leah said...

Love Love Love it! I still don't know how you have the time. Good job!!!

DrL said...

Happy Birthday Little J!

Looks like a FUN party!

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