Thursday, February 4, 2010

Interesting conversation at the Photo Studio

Yesterday we went and got pics taken in a studio. Mainly for Lil J's b-day, but also threw Cora in the mix for some pictures. I wish I could share them, they came out really great. Bought WAY too many pictures and spent way too much money. It was the first time using this place - I am sure I will be back, but next time I will try harder not to get "suckered" into buying so much.

Lucky for me, we have lots of sisters that I am sure would love some pics :)

We had an interesting conversation with the woman who was taking the pictures.

She get her room set up and put Lil J wherever, tells him what to do, etc. She takes about 10 shots and then looks at the pics in her camera (guess looking to make sure light is good, good shots, etc). She says, "mom, he is squinting in a lot of them" where I reply - "oh, it is fine, don't worry about it"

She goes on to take many many pictures. I think in the end she took 75 pictures. She kept looking at the camera (again, making sure eyes not closed, good light, etc) When it came to view all the pics on the computer - she said, "mom, I am sorry - but it seems like I could not get too many where his eyes were not looking slanted or squinty"

I really just had to laugh. The reason why his eyes were slanted and squinty in the pics is because his eyes are slanted and squinty ON HIS FACE LOL.

Lil J is part Korean - He has blonde(ish) hair, blue eyes, and fair skin. Really the only thing that looks kinda korean is the shape of his eyes. And most of the time, you really can't tell. But, with a full smile, or a laugh, or when he is sick or tired, his eyes are "squinty".

But, what made the conversation interesting is what happened after I told the photographer that he is Korean. here is the conversation [paraphrased]:

Her: His eyes are squinty in most of the pics.
Me: I know - it is because he is korean, when he smiles big, his eyes look more almond shaped.
Her: He is asian? Would never have thought that.
Her: But???? You are not asian, right????
Her: And the baby does not look asian either. Hmm??
Me: Well, he is adopted (easier to say this than to explain the whole fost / adopt stuff)

It kinda went back and forth after that. She was never mean, or said anything hurtful, just confused I guess.

Now, Lil J is not biological to me - but there ARE people in the world that marry and have children outside of their own race. The thought never crossed her mind that I could have an asian husband or that was not mine biologically.

I am not saying that it was a bad conversation, just an interesting one

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