Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Cupcake bites

Ok - so Cora's Baptism is coming up and have started to think of favors. I know not everyone does favors, but I like to do something little, and usually something that people can eat.

I started doing some looking around and found "Cupcake Bites" They are all aver the internet, but I am pretty sure that they started with Bakrella. You can go to her site (LOVE IT) for the directions and other pictures.

I thought that these would be cute and did not seem too hard to make. I bought the supplies and did a test run today. I wanted to make sure that I could practice and know ahead of time if it was a pain in the ass.

They were really easy to make, and they did get better looking after I made a few. I know that these do NOT look like most of the sample pics that I found. I just could not get my chocolate smooth enough. I saw one person used a squeeze bottle and then spiraled the chocolate as the icing. I did not have a squeeze bottle, but I could see how it could look better. Plus I probably would not use the big sprinkles that I have, would probably use the non-pareil type, or maybe fine sugar crystals.

Since it is candy, I know I can just put a few in a cellophane bag with a nice ribbon. I am still not 100% sure this is how I want to go - we will see.

Oh - and the guys LOVED it. Even Lil J wanted more and more bites. He was in charge of putting the sprinkles on top.

Here are some pics, I guess the close-up makes it seems like they are big cupcakes, but they are really bite size. Maybe 1.5 inches high?

SOOOO - what do you think?

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