Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Cora is one month today :)

My little sweetie is one month old today. We celebrated by going to see her daddy at work today. I am sure he was overwhelmed, as EVERY woman in his office was crowed in his office. You KNOW he has never gotten that much attention before LOL.

She is doing well, our family is adjusting (read that as Lil J is getting better with her lol). Of course, she is only a month old, but we are trying to figure out a routine. Even if that means knowing how she likes things, doing things the same way so that she can learn that certain things mean something else will follow.

I am not looking forward to the cold weather though, we have gotten a few tastes of it this past week, and I really don't like having to figure out how to keep her warm. Bulky jackets or buntings are out. So, I have been putting her in a cardigan sweater and a hat, and then putting 2 blankets on top. It is a very short walk to the car. So, I am pretty sure she is warm enough.

I am sure as the weather gets much colder, I will figure something else out - I do have a b.undle me, but it is not cold enough for that yet.

She is doing great at night. She does get up, but she can go 4 - 4.5 hours, and she usually feeds around 11 or 12, so really, she is just getting up once a night. Plus, she goes RIGHT back to sleep. Which is great!!!! She also sleeps for a 2-3 hours stretch every afternoon. So, even if we have a semi rough night, I know that I can get some sleep when she takes her afternoon nap.

Totally hoping that she will continue taking the afternoon nap, because Lil J takes an afternoon nap and it would be great if they were on a similar schedule.

So - enough writing - here are some pics from this morning.


Leah said...

Stop bragging!! =) That's awesome!
We are almost 2 months is and barely getting a sense of what's coming next. It's all good though!

Julie said...

She has such big sneakers on lol. Love it!

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