Thursday, October 29, 2009

6 Week Check Up

So, I had my 6 week post delivery appointment today. Without looking, I don't remember if I added the fact that I hated my doc to my birth story. I don't think I added it, because I just wanted to get past it. Thinking maybe I just did not like her and to just let it go.

Anyway, they did all the standard stuff. I am super proud to say that I am 27 pounds less than my pre-pregnancy weight. I only gained 8 pounds during my pregnancy - not on purpose, and my doctor said it was fine. I was bigger to begin with. Turns out, I was probably losing weight and gaining pregnancy weight at the same time.

It was pretty cool to see the scale say that I was 35 pounds lighter than my last appointment there - yipee.

And before anyone asks - I have no idea how that actually happened. But, my guess it had something to do with the fact that I was getting sick so much when changing Lil J (thank goodness he did not take my entire pregnancy to potty train), I was eating better, and the whole gallbladder thing made me eat MUCH better. Like I said, I was losing and gaining at the same time.

I knew I had lost a lot of weight. A few days after delivery, I was wearing my pre-pregnancy pants, and then about a week later, those pants were totally falling off. Plus a lot of my non-maternity clothes were HUGE. It was nice to have an actual number for it.

So, back to the annoying, I don't like this doctor, stuff.

I go to a practice with about 5-6 doctors. There was 1 doc that I really did not like. She was abrupt and kinda rude, and just did not seem to care about patients. I knew that I only had about a 20% chance of getting this doc for delivery.

Well, what would you know - she was the only one on call the day I had Cora. Whatever, I knew she was only gonna be there to "catch".

I won't get into details - but she was horrible. People that were there could vouch for me.

I had to have her for my follow-up. Fine, again I am trying to not worry about it. I have bigger things to worry about.

She asks about birth control. At this point, I tell her that not only will we not be using any, but we will be trying ASAP (AKA - starting today lol). She goes on to tell me that I should wait 2 years. I explained that I am not getting any younger, and reminded her that it took over 2 years to get successfully pregnant after 5 losses.

She kept saying that I should wait, that I should take time to enjoy my baby, that there was no need to rush, etc. And because I don't really like her to begin with, it seemed like everything she said was said in a negative way.

I asked her if there was any medical complications of getting pregnant so soon after (assuming I can get pregnant), and her answer was just "I am just telling you my recommendation to wait 2 years and I will write it in your file that I told you to wait" Whatever. She could not give me a medical reason to wait.

I told her I wanted an Rx for Prometrium. In the past, I know my P4 was very low. I figured if I was to get pregnant, I wanted to start taking the Rx as soon as I know I am pregnant. My dose was increased with Cora's pregnancy, and I really think it was the thing that kept me pregnant.

I told her my dose and the med name and she did NOT want to give it to me. She said that if and when I got pregnant, they would give it to me then. I told her that I would start taking it as soon as I got a BFP, especially since it is not like I would be able to get a same day appointment for a beta/P4.

She really did not want to give it to me. She finally gave it and I left with it.

She then asked if I would at least give it a few months before I try. No deal. She said, "ok, you will do what you want I guess"

Nice lady, huh???

Anyway, everything is A-OK and will are officially trying. I guess I should get my period first, but that is just a technicality


Leah said...

You are a brave woman! And by the should tell her like it is!!. Aren't you a Jersey girl? Want me to call her?

DrL said...

She sounds like a real peach. 2 years??? Is she nuts?

Stacie said...

I have heard of an OB/Gyn recommending to wait 2 years before trying again. That is simply her personal opinion. I like the fact that you asked her if there were any "medical reasons" why you should wait. Even if she could have said, "to allow your uterus time to heal" or something, but she didn't.

Can you do some research on the internet to see if there really is any reason to wait at least a few months?

Megan K said...

Wow, I can't believe she was pushing you like that without actually giving a real reason.

My best friend has three children, the oldest is three and a half. She wants another one too. People think she is crazy. Since when did having several kids all of a sudden become "bad"? It use to be "normal" to have up to ten kids. Now people give unsolicited advice whenever you want more then two!

Good for you for standing up to your Doctor. After my next baby, I plan on taking the same approach as you (to try and get pg again right away) and I doubt I'll have the balls to stand up to my doctor if she says I shouldn't. Of course I'll still do what I want, I just won't tell her about it.

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