Monday, October 12, 2009

Sorry no new posts for a while

Could you imagine - I am busy with a newborn - the nerve of me not to update my blog. LOL

I am actually stealing a subtopic from a blog that I read, since I knew I wanted to bring it up. Thanks Leah :)

The topic - MORE children.

My husband and I have NO intention of using any birth control at all after we get the clearance to have "relations" again. In fact, after I get the clearance, we will actually start trying for another baby. And by trying, right now that will just be OPKs and timed intercourse. We will probably not just "wing it" even though I know that my cycles will probably be out of whack, or non-existent.

I am not niave to think that it will happen right away, if at all. But, I am also not niave to think that it CAN'T happen right away. It took us more than 2 years to have a successful pregnancy. BUT, I did that without any medical intervention at all. So, it is possible that I could have that happen again.

We will not use medical treatments at all in the future to help acheive a pregnancy, but you know damn sure that I will use any and all medical intervention to help me STAY pregnant.

We want more children - end of story. We have not set a certain time line on anything. But, we will open our fost/adopt file again in the future if we think a pregnancy will not happen.

I hate the last line of the previous paragraph. Why? It seems like the fost/adopt is second choice. Now, while the process might be after we try on our own, a child would never be considered a second choice child. Not sure if I am explaining that well.

We have even considered not trying for another bio child, and going straight with the state. We would probably try to do straight adoption, which we are licensed for. This would eliminate the "what if" crap that we have to deal with Lil J. We still have no idea where his case stands, and to be honest - it is hard not knowing.

But, I do want to try to get pregnant again. Maybe it is because I am "advanced maternal age", maybe I just want to find out if it is even possible. Who knows?

I know many will say that I should just count my blessings. But, not having any more children is just not an option. We WILL have more kids, just not sure where they will come from :)

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Notwifezilla- Jackie said...

Any way you add to your family, the child(ren) will be lucky! Good luck with whatever road you go down.

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