Sunday, September 26, 2010

Some new pics of Elsie

The hospital photographer came in yesterday asking if I wanted to have Elsie's pictures taken. Now, I remember when Colin was born, these pics were horrible. Basically you kid is on a rainbow piece of paper and they take one pic. No thanks.

Was never even asked about it with Cora, so I never thought about it. Figured I could take my own pics and save myself some money.

But, when the photographer came it, she said it was free to take the pics, and then she would upload then to the site and we can order right from there if we wanted to. Figured, what do I have to lose.

Well, I knew that the second she started taking the pics that they would be not that impressive. Yup, I was right. She used the gross hospital blankets and sheets that were just on the bed. Really did not take any shots that any other person could not take, etc.

Well, when she printed the proof sheet, I was thrilled that I did not have to pre-pay for the pictures. Almost every shot has most of her head cut off, not centered, just plain horrible.

There are these two shots that would be decent, IF you could see her whole face, or was not a bad crop job. She really does look like Cora. But, I think Elsie is going to favor me more than my husband. She totally has my chin.

But, this picture is a better representation of the majority of the pictures. I know everyone has their own style - but when is head chopping like this ever OK?

I plan on doing what I did last year with Cora. Take pics in cute hats and take 100's of pics knowing that I might get one or two good ones. It's digital, so no big deal. I got so many compliments on Cora's pic from last year, so I think it is the way to go. we can't afford to have a pro photographer take pics. Might go to a the studio where I got Cora's b-day pics. I have a coupon - who knows.

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Megan K said...

Wow, you have another cutie on your hands!

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