Monday, September 15, 2008

Made my blog look pretty!

It's OK - looks more pretty than before. I don't like the litle ad box on the top, but whatever - I can deal with that.

So, I am 11 dpiui and I have still not tested. It is killing me not to test, but like I said a billion times, I only have one test and in the past I did not test postive until 13 dpiui. I do not want to buy more tests and I do not want to waste the one I have on a negative.

So, we wait.

I could pretend that everything I am feeling is exactly like the last two times, but I don't know if that actually means anything.

My boobs were killing me from about 4dpo. Like can't not wear a bra painful. I was still painfully bloated also from the # follies that I had (hope not too many released). I am peeing all the time - but I think that is more of a "omg, will there be blood" type of thinking, not "omg, I have to pee".

I had all but the severe bloating with the last 2 pregnancies also. But, those ended badly, so I would rather not look at the comparisions - you know what I mean?

I will be testing on Wed, but will probably not share the results on my blog until I tell my family first. I don't want them to read about a negative or positve when the whole world does too.

So - Melanie, Katie, Julie, and possibly Margaret Mary - you guys are out of luck! :)


Ariella said...

Oh darn, you mean I have to wait? Completely not fair but I understand. I hope you have good news to share with your family. ((((HUGS))))))

Mandy said...

Understand completely, but let us know as soon as you can!! I love this background too!!

kjames106 said...

First of all, good luck, secondly, how can you make blog land friends wait?

I like your new background! How did you make the whole page become that background? When I do it on mine, only the sides are the new background and the old template is still in the middle?

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