Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Injectable IUI Schedule (Timeline) so far

I have googled "IUI injectable schedule" a bunch of times before we decided to to do them because I was curious about the timeline - and I would not get a lot of hits.

I figured since my blog is searchable, I would add my own timeline.

CD3 - B/W and U/S - 100 units of follistim for CD3 & CD4
CD5 - B/W only - increased follistim to 125 units
CD8 - B/W and U/S to check follies - follistim still at 125
CD10 - B/W and U/S to check follies - follistim still at 125, injection of Cetrotide
CD11 - B/W and U/S to check follies

Today is CD11 so I will update after I hear from the doctor later today.

So - here is how today's visit went:

I have 8 FOLLIES - all are over 13mm - holy crap!!!!!

Here is the full count:

Right - 15, 16, 13
Left - 13, 13, 13, 13, 14

The doctor said that we might trigger tonight for an IUI either tomorrow or Thursday. And he also said that at this point I have about a 35% chance of twins and about a 20% chance of 3 or MORE!.

I don't want to end up like J.on & K.ate plus 8 - that is for damn sure. So, now I just have to wait for the doc to call to advise. He also said that he really can not let me go much further because he can not have that many follies grow to be mature.

Wow - it is a lot to comprehend right now.

Heard from the doctor. It is his personal and professional opinion that I should trigger tonight. This will lessen the chance that the smaller ones will release a mature egg. At this point I still have a chance of a multiple pregnancy.

If I wait - even without any stims - then the chance is HIGH that I could get pregnant with High Order Multiples - which is NOT something we want.

So - I will trigger tonight and do IUI on Thursday.


Linda said...

Those are GREAT numbers! They're all right around the same size. That is fantastic!!!!

~Unfeathered~ said...

Good luck with the trigger and IUI! And your home is amazing -- I love the before and after photos.

Maria (MKC101103) said...

Yeah for triggering!!! Looks like Thursday will be a big day for both of us :)

Kristen said...

Good luck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am so excited for you!!!!!!!!!!

Woman Warrior said...

Thank you for your blog! I've been googling the same thing you were doing and there was nothing until I found your blog. Thank you for providing so many details! I will continue to read your blogs now to find out how it all turned out!

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