Wednesday, September 17, 2008

I'm sorry - but this can't be a good thing

This post will be full of TMI, just a warning.

Yesterday in the morning when I started spotting, it was really more like heavy spotting. By the end of the day, it was totally a period like flow. But so so different. When I get my period, it is a dark red/brown color. This bleeding was BRIGHT red. Like someone cut open my arm bright red.

Even if I did not take a test yesterday, I would have thought something was weird with this "period" and would have still taken a test either yesterday or today.

I am one of those people that other women probably hate. My period usually lasts 3 days or less. I usually go to CD3 u/s and I already stopped bleeding. I also don't get my period at night (usually). I would not call my period a light flow, but it goes quick.

Well, last night I bled so bad taht I had to get up in the middle of the night and go to the bathroom to "wash up" and when I got up this morning, there was blood on the sheets. Always a nice sight to see, right. To be honest, I think bllod on the sheets is the nasiest thing ever. At 34 years old I should not be bleeding on my sheets.

I also have been cramping - not so bad that I need to take anything. But there non the less.

I really want to believe that I am pregnant, especially since this is weird bleeding. But, this amount of blood and the color does not point to a good outcome.

Of couse - I will keep everyone updated.


Maria (MKC101103) said...


I hope everything is ok. I'm praying for a good beta next time you go!

kjames106 said...

I'm sorry to hear! My only theory is that maybe 2 eggs dropped and one made it and one didn't. Not sure, but I really pray for the best for you!!!!!!!!

Ariella said...

I am sorry Amy. I pray that whatever the outcome you are okay. (((((HUGS))))

Notwifezilla said...

Amy, I hope that things turn out well for you! Lots of vibes your way!

Lanie said...

I am sending good thoughts your way. I hope your progesterone starts climbing rapidly and you can hang onto this kiddo!!!

Tab said...

I hope everything works out and you have a baby(ies) growing in side of you and a happy and healthy 9 months will be in my prayers!

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