Saturday, September 13, 2008

I just lost it in Halmark

My sister's baby shower is next Sat - she was 4 weeks behind my original due date.

SO - Katie if you are reading this, do not read any more :)

Anyway, I was in the mall and figured I would stop and get a baby shower card.

I picked up one and read it - I lost it right there is Halmark - had to go to a corner of the store pretend I was looking at magnets.

I did buy the card - it was the first and only card I read.

I am just letting you know that the wording is written from someone who has a child (seems so to me) so while it really made me upset - I could see how this would be very upsetting to someone who is going through primary IF, so note that before you read any more....

Wording of the card:
It's true - Having a child will chnage your life...

You'll learn that it's possible to sleep and worry at the same time.

You may discover that blue food doesn't taste all that bad and when a toddler is quiet, it's not necessarily a good thing....

You'll find that toys, like tiny socks, really do multiple overnight.

You'll learn how hard it can be to say "no" to a cute face, especially when Grandma says "yes."

But most of all, you'll wonder how you ever filled the days before your little one came along.

I am getting teary just typing it.


CRS said...

Awww, Amy LOTS of hugs.

And BTW, I have lots of those things you asked me to hold for you. Let me know if you still need them!


Maria (MKC101103) said...

Oh that made me cry. I'm sorry Hallmark was so hard for you. I pray you get great news this week. You SO deserve it!

Jennifer said...

I love the wording in that card. I hear ppl say all the time that they have no idea how their life felt "full" before having their child. I wonder sometimes if I'll ever know what that feels like. Sometimes when I'm doing something I find fulfilling, I think to myself, "Will I look back and think how silly I was to think this was fulfilling?"


BTW~ I made my layout with some free digital scrapbook goodies and photoshop.

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