Sunday, September 28, 2008

The Infertility & Miscarriage Story of Me

I noticed that I have some new readers....hello, and thanks for reading.

Since I did the story of my son, and already had the story of my house, I thought it would be a good time to tell the quick story of me - well at least the IF and M/C story...

Got married in Dec 2005. We threw out the bcp in Oct 2006, thinking of course that we could plan when our baby was born. Yeah, right.

I kind of knew something was up. My first cycle after bcp was 110 days long. I never called the doc because ever week or so I SWORE I must be preg. Nope. At about 100 days, I finally called the doc and was Rx provera to bring on a period.

Next cycle was 70+ days, again provera.

By May 2007, the doc Rx Clomid. I did a few rounds of Clomid with my OB with no success.

By 1 year trying I was thinking about going to an RE - but kept putting it off thinking that I could do it on my own. By this time, my cycles were a little more in the "normal" range and I even got a few + OPKs.

I finally made an appt in Jan 2008 to see an RE. At the first visit I was Dx with PCOS. They wanted to start clomid, trigger, IUI that same cycle. Did all the tests (hsg, sa, etc) and did IUI that next cycle.

We were successful with IUI#1!! but we lost the heartbeat at 8 weeks. D&C at 8.5 weeks (March 2008). Loss was determined to be due to Trisomy 22.

I was hoping for a cycle after m/c miracle - no such luck.

Took over 6 weeks to get post d&c period. We had to do a clomid + TI cycle because of travel,etc - no surprise, BFN

Did another Clomid, trigger, IUI in June 2008 (IUI#2) and were again successful. We lost this pregnancy at 6.5 weeks. Another D&C (July 2008 - 2nd in less than 4 months). The results of the D&C were inconclusive.

We did the recurrent loss panel and it was determined that I have the MTHFR gene mutation. I was Rx Folgard - although the studies on MTHFR and m/c are up for debate. We also did the full genetic work-up on both of us - we are both fine genetically.

Again, it took 6 weeks to get post d&c period.

We did IUI#3 (Sept 2008)- this time with injectables (follistim, cetrotide, ovidrel) and it was a success.

I had some bleeding issues on 12dpiui, 13dpiui, 14dpiui and part of 15dpiui. My betas rose as expected and the doc did not seem too concerned about the bleeding. That is of course until my beta at 4w6d at which point the beta dropped drastically. M/C #3 (Sept 2008).

This is my third loss in 6 months. We are currently on an emotional break. But that might be a forever break.


Kristen said...

You have such an incredible story, and I feel in my heart that it is not near the "the end" part yet. I'll be here every step of the way, if you need me!!!!

theworms said...

I'm so sorry you have had to deal with all this loss in such a short time, IF just sucks. Whether or not you get back in the game (I'm hoping you do), I'll be following along and here for you.


Christi said...

I'm so sorry for everything you've been through.

april said...

Thank you for sharing. You will both be in my prayers.

Miscarriage & Infertility said...

I'm so sorry!!! I've been trying to have a baby for 8 years and have had two miscarriages. I'll be 32 next month :( We had given up fertility treatment earlier this year cause my marriage needed a break from it and I've been struggling with deciding when/if to go back. Again I'm so very sorry and I'll be praying for you guys.

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