Sunday, September 7, 2008

"I was embarressed for you..."

I have posted before how my mom thinks my IF should be a huge family secret. I do not. I openly talk about it to anyone that what to know.

I kind of feel people out and share a level that they are comfortable with.

Anyway - we had a HUGE BBQ last weekend. Of course my meds are in the fridge (follistim, cetrotide, ovidrel - all injectables). I did not hide them, I just left them where they were. I really did not care if anyone saw them.

But, I do have to say that I put away (and hid) my sharps container.

I noticed that the meds were moved, but did not really think anything of it becuase there was lots of stuff in the fridge.

We go for dinner at my mom's today and we start taking about the bbq - she said to me, "I saw all your meds in the fridge and I hid them because I was embarressed for you"

What? You were not embaressed for ME- you were embarressed for YOU!

Besides, do you really think people would look in the fridge, see the meds, write down the med name and then go home and google them? And even if they did - who cares.

If I did not want people to see them, then I would have hid them.

I have decided that I do not talk to my mother about IF anymore. I decided this a while ago - she was the one that brought is up out of the blue about the meds.


april said...

Holy hell! Do we have the same mother? My mom is embarassed by it except for when she can make it all about her. Then she's all for talking about it and what a fabulously supportive mom she is.

Ariella said...

Oh Amy that is so annoying! I can't believe she felt the need to hide them.

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