Monday, June 23, 2008

Yes I am THAT addicted to POAS

I know I have a limited supply of HPTs in the I am not sure why i think I need to use them all....I guess I have a real addiction to POAS.

So, anyway, i just used my last cheapie test. The results??????? Probably the faintest, super light, not even sure if it is actually there, second line.

WHAT!!! That's right, I THINK I see a second line. I even compared it to my other pictures, to see where a positive line would be.

BUT, I don't know if I see a line just because I want to see a line. Even though I KNOW what a stark white test looks like.

Here is a picture - i tried to do a reverse color to see if you could see it like that, nothing.

This is the best picture I could get. I am not even sure if I can see the line in this picture. I drew an arrow where I think the second line is. It is so faint that you really can't even see it - which is why I am not even sure it is real!

I guess I will be testing again tomorrow!!!


Jill said...

I see it! I see it! GOOD LUCK!

Lisa said...

Hmm, maybe!!

I, too, am compelled to use every test in the house!

kelly said...

I think I see it too, Amy! That would be so great for you!

I'm also a POASaholic. I've already bought my HPTs for next week. Here in Canada they're about $10 each if you buy the sensitive ones (that's in a 2-pk). If you just want one, it's around $14!!!! That's an expensive addiction!

kjames106 said...

Definitely a line there! Can't wait for an update!

Erica said...

i see it! VIBES!!!!! i'm a POAS addict too! and does your DH golf? MH is always looking for new people to golfing with!

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