Tuesday, June 17, 2008

P4 is only 9.8

Last cycle I was on progesterone. I started 2 or 3 days after TI. When I did the IUI this cycle, I asked if I would still use the progesterone - the PA who did the IUI said, "no, not until we check your levels"

I thought is was strange, because I had my P4 checked today at only 5 dpiui, I usually have it checked at 7 dpiui. I am not the doctor so I go with what they tell me - well most of the time I guess.

My clinic only calls when there is a problem. If you get no call then everything is a-OK. When my phone just rang and I could see that it was the clinic, my hearts starts to beat out of my chest.

My P4 is only 9.8 - they like to see 10 or higher. Which means progesterone shoved up the hoo-ha. Lucky me.

Maybe the did the P4 at 5 days past to catch any low levels early on??? Who knows - I just know that I will be following doctors orders

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