Friday, June 6, 2008

Achy Ovaries

I have a cyst on my left ovary. The doc at CD3 said that it looked like it was going away on it's own and that it was probably one of the "smallies" (not big enough to be a follie) that just did not actually ovualte.

So, I have no idea if a cyst should cause any pain, but I have had this dull achy pain in my left side (ovary area).

I guess the pain could also be from the clomid - clomid makes ovaries go into overdrive, so maybe that is it.

But, this is what keeps going through my mind (totally not rational at all).

I had a dream that I had two ectpoics at the same time. I posted about this on my other blog about a week or so ago.

When the doctor called, he just said, "this was not a successfull cycle" - I am assuming that the beta was zero.

So, put everthing together -
1- not sure if beta was actually zero
2- really weird period (see post below)
3- pain in ovary

Yup - I over think things way too much. I know it is not an ectopic pregnancy, I am sure my doctor would have told me if it was not a zero beta, periods are sometimes weird.

So, I am sure everything is fine - but maybe I will take a HPT when I get home. Just for piece of mind.

OH - this is GOOD NEWS:
I am on CD7. I took clomid day 3-7 so today is my last day. I have not had any side effects at all. I hope I am not jinxing myself. But, the last few times, I had bad headaches and visual spots in my vision. NONE!!! of those things - Yay!

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Anonymous said...

I'm pretty certain it's not an ectopic. I had one last year and you actually do have HCG levels in your blood. I ended up having tons of pain, blood in abdomen, etc., and had to have surgery to remove the pregnancy. Not Fun... If it were an ectopic you/your doctor would have an idea..... No need to worry!! Best of luck!

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