Thursday, June 12, 2008

How my mom views Infertility

According to my mother - infertility should be a family secret. If I get pregnant this cycle, well, I should keep my mouth shut on how I got there.

What???? 1 in 6 women will find out that they are infertile.

Why is it something that we can't talk about?

Why does it have to be the Elephant in the room that everyone knows is there but no one dares says a word?


Ariella said...

I am going to say somehing that might sound hurtful but I in no way mean it that way:

It isn't your mom's choice about when/if you share how you got pg. It isn't HER dicission to make because while the baby is her grandchild, the IF doesn't belong to her. It belongs to YOU and your husband. It has little to do with her. Infact it has NOTHING to do with her! If she doesn't want to talk about it with others then she can leave the room when the topic is discussed OR if someone asks about it she can say "It isn't something I feel comfterble discussing". But she has NO RIGHT to tell you when/how/if you tell others. I understand she is okay talking about it with you and I think that is great, but asking you to not talk about it with others makes it shamefull. Would she be ashamed of cancer, a broken leg or a disability? NO. IF is no diffrent, it is a deases. A desease 1 in 6 couples face, and we have every right to talk about it as openly as we want.

Maria (MKC101103) said...

Ditto what Ariel said.

Mandy said...

Well put Ariella!!

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