Monday, June 23, 2008

I hope this cycle is like the cycle I got pregnant

The cycle I got pregnant, I tested negative at 10dpiui, and 11dpiui (morning). So far, this cycle is the same.

I KNOW (first hand) that these negatives could mean nothing. I am not sure if I will test tomorrow (12 dpiui) or wait until Wednesday. I only have 3 tests in the house - 2 FRER and 1 cheapie. My beta is on Friday.

I am SOOOOO hoping this cycle is exactly like the cycle I got pregnant and will test postive later in the week.

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kelly said...

Hi Amy. I found your blog when I miscarried on May 28. I was also 8.5 weeks pregnant at the time. I went for my u/s on a Monday and got the heart beat. By Tuesday night, everything was gone.

I already have a 10 year old boy and an 8 year old girl. DH and I didn't realize that we wanted another one until I lost this one and now it's all I can think about.

Like you, I am also plus-sized. I would venture to say that I am plus-er than you, though.

I have a question for you about OPKs. Last week, I got the mucus indicating ovulation and so decided to test with an OPK. The test line was almost as dark and the control line. I mean really close. We got busy in bed that night. I tested again the next day and got a much fainter line. The day after that, no test line on the OPK.

Do you think we were in the fertility window? If so, I may be just a few days behind you.

You're 12 dpiui and I would be 4 dpo (or 5 or 6, I guess).

Your thoughts would be appreciated.


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