Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Follie Scan

Had my follie scan today - I have nothing on the left and 3 on the right. I have a 20, 15, &, 11.

I am thrilled with the 20. when we did IUI the last time (and got pregnant) I had a 20 and a 14 - so I think I am in good shape.

I will trigger tonight and do the IUI on Thursday.

My husband and I had a LONG chat last night about the IUI. You see, I lost my job yesterday. We were not sure if doing the IUI would be the best thing - even if I get a job right away (and get pregnant), there is a small possibility that in 9 months I would not qualify for maternity leave.

Even looking for a job, I would not say that either I am TTC or pregnant.

We decided that we are still going to do the IUI on Thursday - like someone said, things have a way of working themselves out. We don't want to sit this cycle out.

So, the job thing - I was looking for a new job anyway. I really was VERY unhappy at my job. I felt I was getting fired. There is just a lot to explain. But, I was totally shocked HOW and WHEN it happened.

Some say that it is a blessing in disguise - now I HAVE to find job - maybe one that I love - as opposed to one that I really don't like, but stay anyway.

I am really upset about the whole thing - I am looking for something closer to home. Gas prices are killing me - especially with an hour commute.

So, wish me luck with the IUI and with the job hunt.


Jill said...

GOOD LUCK with the IUI and the job search!!

Ariella said...

Hey girl good luck with both.You are inmy prayers.

Vivian said...

AMy i wish you the best of luck, i Hope this cycle we can both graduate over to SAL and actually stay there this time!

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