Thursday, June 12, 2008

IUI #2 Done!

I just got home from IUI#2 - it went great.

My husbands post wash count was 55 million!!! Can't complain about that :)

The nurse even said - it was one of the highest she had seen (post wash).

The cycle that we got pregnant, we had 34 million and I was thrilled with that. So, I hope this just makes our chances even better.

I go back on Tues for progesterone check and then my beta is scheduled for Sat, June 28. But, my clinic is a smaller clinic that has several offices. My office is not open on the weekends - only another office that is about 45 -60 minutes away from my house.

The nurse said it would be fine to come in the day early at my regular office and do the beta. At that point I would be 15 dpiui, so not really early.

I have a good feeling about this cycle Yay!


Ariella said...

Wooohooo!Those are great count numbers CONGRATS!

Mandy said...

glad to here everything went well. Great numbers!!

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