Friday, June 20, 2008

Conversation Breeds Awareness

I was watching Miami Ink last night. There was a touching story about why a man was getting a certain tatoo.

So Sad, his daughter was kidnapped and murdered by a convicted child molestor. He was going from state to state to increase the time served for such offenders - tying to prevent the same from happening to another family.

The story was very upsetting.

He spoke during his tatoo (I am sure not the whole time - it is edited) and spoke really calmly even though you knew it was hard to talk about.

At the very end, the tatoo artist said, "thanks for telling me about the meaning of this tatoo" (or something like that). the guy said, "Conversation breeds awareness"

I love it - and it so true.

I have always been open about all aspects of my life. I never have a problem talking about being a single parent, infertility, and any other piece of my life. You want to know something - just ask.

And unlike my mother (see posts below) - I WANT to talk about my infertility. It really does bring awareness to others that so many women (and men) are dealing with the hardache of infertility. 1 in 6 women suffer. One is six......that is A LOT!

If by me talking about it makes people more aware, then maybe they will share that info with other people, and it will seem like less of a skeleton in the closet type of "secret".

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Lisa said...

That is exactly why I talk so openly about it (and, in case there's anyone I can help) to family, friends, coworkers, acquaintences, and, well, pretty much anyone I encounter in life!

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