Thursday, June 5, 2008

Weird Periods are annoying

This post is going to be filled with TMI - just a warning.

Ok - I usually get my period for 2-3 days. Usually by the time I go in for my CD3 u/s, the bleeding is mostly gone. Maybe some spotting on CD3, but usually not enough to even use a tampon.

So, I get my period. Heavy on CD 1 and 2. I go in for my CD3 u/s and I still have bleeding. I know they have seen it all, but I still think it is gross. Anyway, I basically bleed all day. It totally tapers off by the end of the day though.

The next morning (CD4), nothing. I think, "Great, period is over". I have no bleeding at all for the entire day. Maybe a tiny spot here and there when I wipe only.

So, that night my husband and I get frisky. We never have sex during my period, but I thought it was done, so I knew we were in the clear.

Well, in the middle of the night, I felt (TMI AHEAD) really really wet. So, I decided to jump up and go to the bathroom to clean up.

So, I go to the bathroom and wipe - FULL BLOOD. What, I did n0t have any bleeding the entire day and now I have full flow. I use a tampon and go back to bed (pissed off).

I get up the next morning (cd5) and the sheets have spot of blood all over the place. Gross. I never get enough of a period to EVER stain the sheets. Matter of fact - I usually don't get my period at night (weird, I know). I guess this is why I did not think to check the sheets when I got back from the bathroom.

So, all day yesterday, it is on and off of spotting, full flow, nothing. I HATE using pads, but I did because I could never pinpoint when I would have enough to use a tampon. And, I hate using tampons when you really don't need one.

So, today - I STILL have my period. Today is CD6. It is not full flow, but enough that I need to use a pad or a liner.

I know 6 days of a period is still in the norm - which is fine. I just hate thinking that I am done, then wait - no I'm not, yes, no.....It's annoying.

Vent Over :)

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Ariella said...

Sex always does that to us too. Like you I have three day periods but if we have sex cd4 or 5 you can bet I will either spot or get full flow back. I HATE it. I mean I really hate it.

I think this has also lead me to be freaked about sex in the first trimester. hmmmmmm

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