Sunday, December 9, 2007

A positive OPK!!!!!

As you read a few weeks ago, this cycle is really weird.

I was using the CBEFM and since I had to start my cycle over after I already used 3 sticks, I ran out when I had to start over.

I also did not have any left-over internet cheapie OPKs. So, I went to CVS and refused to spend $50 on new sticks for the CBEFM. So, I went with Answer Brand. $20 for 20 OPKs. The same price as the Dollar Tree, but less embarassing to purchase.

I have been taking them for the past few days - nothing to report.....until today.

I took one at 1:15 PM - got a positive result in less than a minute!!! I still waited the full 5 minutes because I was sure the control line would get darker. It did get darker, but the test line was also getting darker.

I really thought it might be a fluke. Maybe I dipped it too long, or maybe the strip was actually reversed and the "test" line was really the control line.

Since I doubted it, I took another on at 7:30 PM (according the instructions, you can take any time of day)

Yep, you guessed it. Another positive!!!! Today is CD19, counting from the new CD1 (see sidebar)

Here are the set of pictures. I am getting some tonight!!

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