Monday, December 31, 2007

The Last Day of the Year

Today is the last day of the year. The year has gone by so fast. As always, I still have no plans for tonight. We had about 10 different types of plans, but nothing was ever set in stone.

A house party, going to a "club", dinner, etc. But, none of those things really went anywhere. I am hoping that Frank hears something at work today. Otherwise, it is Happy New Year in my living room.

It's not like I NEED to go out, it's just fun to do so. I can't really do anything super crazy - I have to leave tomorrow at 9:30 am to get Colin. He has been away almost a week at his father's house. I miss him so much. Evertime I pick him up, he looks different to he grew a foot or something.

Colin only sees his father twice a year. The week between Christmas and New Years, and then a week in either July or August. This is not my choice, but, his father has always been a jackass so I guess the lack of visits should not be a surprise. Whatever.

I may add to this post later - in the mean time.......HAPPY NEW YEAR!

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