Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Amy got ran over by a reindeer

Sing it....Amy got ran over by a reindeer, driving home from family's house Christmas Eve.....

Yup, I hit a deer driving home from my IL's house on Christmas Eve. This was about 10 minutes AFTER I avoided hitting a HUGE deer.

I don't know if I killed the deer, it was not on the side of the, if it did die, it died in the woods.

Luckily, there is not too much damage to the car, and we are all OK. But, it damaged the side panel, the bumper, the hood, and broke the headlight that I just replaced. So, I am sure it will not be cheap to fix.

Here is a picture (PS - that is not mud on the side of the car. Apprently, that is deer snot!):

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