Tuesday, December 4, 2007

For ONCE, Colin is ahead of the game

OK, I have never been one to spoil my child. And to be honest, Colin is normally the kid that gets a "new to him" toy/video game/etc.

For years, Colin has gotten whatever game system that was 3 systems ago. Mainly because the were cheaper and I can buy used.

Example, Colin has a Game Boy Advance. Since this model, they have made Gameboy SP, Nintendo DS and Nintendo DS Lite (basically all gameboys). Colin only got this gameboy last year. Each new model plays the older games so trading up would never be an issue.

For his birthday he was given a used Playstation 2. Playstation 3 came out last year. So, he is still repeating the "new to him" trend.

BUT!!!!!! Colin's birthday was Nov 1st. About 4 days before his birthday a new game came out (Guitar Hero III for Playstation 2). I had traded in a few games and an old system and got this brand new super cool game.

Colin got it WAY before most of his friends got it (most MIGHT get it for Christmas)....and now it is considered one of the "Big Ticket Items" for this Christmas. Which means that you can't get it - sold out.

So, for once....Colin has the newest and greatest "hot item" and is the envy of all his friends. I think probably for the first time........oh wait, there was the original Tickle me Elmo....but that is another story all together.

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