Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Maybe it's the chain letters????

I HATE!!!! chain letter e-mails. Now, there are times that I do send a forward. But it is only when I think it is really funny. I also delete all the extra crap and also delete the "forward to 10 friends in 30 seconds" crap - plus give the disclaimer that I never forward, but found this funny, etc.

I don't mind the funny forwards, or the forwards that have the question/answer things. But, do I really need a picture of Mary, the mother of Jesus, sent to me saying that if I do not forward then I will be subject to horrible bad luck?? And not have a bad day bad luck....but struck down by lightening bad luck. Please, give me a break.....and please stop sending me these.

Is this the reason why I have had no luck in the past year??? Because I don't send the forwards??

Maybe I should start a chain letter, maybe that would make up for the fact that I never forward the ones I have received in the past.

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