Friday, May 1, 2009

Totally not a PC post

Since Lil J is a foster child, he qualifies for things that we would never qualify as a family. He receives free medical insurance and he also receives WIC. He also qualifies for other programs and services - some of which we may or may not use.

For those that do not know, WIC stands for Women, Infants, & Children and it a program designed to provide healthy foods for such people who financially qualify. The program is for Pregnant women or children up to 5 years old.

The foods are things like milk, eggs, cheese, peanut butter, juice, etc.

Since every bit helps, we knew we were going to take advantage of this program. Some foster parents don't want to have the "stigma" that comes along with this program, and therefore some do not even apply for it.

The way it works is that you are given a check, the check has the food items listed on the check and then you redeem at your grocery store. So, you have to actually present the check to the cashier.

Today was our first appointment to start WIC, we have had Lil J since mid March, but this was the first available appointment. It is a group appointment so there were lots of other people there.

Here is where the total not PC thing comes in.

I understand that this program is intended for those who qualify financially. Which for most means that they are of a lower income. But, because you are of a lower income, does that mean that you have to be totally filthy, and not even bother to comb your hair or your child's?

Because you are lower income, does that mean that it is OK to bring your child to a 10 am appointment still in their PJs - with what looked like the swollen diaper from the night before?

Is it ok for your child not to have anything on their feet?

Unfortunately, this was not just one family, this was several different families that were there.

Of course, there were other people there that HATED that they were grouped together with the other families.

Trust me, I felt the same way 15 years ago. At that time, I did qualify for WIC. I was 19 when I got pregnant, was still in school and worked waiting tables. I also hated being grouped together with everyone else. But, I knew I had to do what I had to do for my kid.

And, yes - I know everyone else there is thinking the same thing - they are doing what is best for there kid. But do you have to look like total trash while you do it?


Anonymous said...

Please take pity on them. One thing I recently learned is that WIC doesn't cover diapers. Am I correct? Sometimes these people are so poor they end up reusing diapers. When I heard that my heart sank. Some of these women have to use disposable diapers because of no access to a washer. The whole thing is sad.

Remember some people are just doing the best that they can.

Notwifezilla- Jackie said...

I think it's not a PC thing, it's a cleanliness thing. Obviously the people there need this support or they wouldn't be there, but you're right combing hair, changing clothes, and putting shoes on your kids feet shouldn't be too hard.
It stinks- more so that that is reality some children deal with day in and day out. Lucky for J he has you and in that, has the ability to be in a clean diaper, clean clothes and shoes on his feet.

Gibson Twins said...

My heart always breaks when I see a baby in the grocery store in just a diaper and a dirty onesie. It happens too often. But when my heart starts bleeding like that, it is often my husband that reminds me it is choices people make, we don't know the whole story. While yes we still do feel bad for the babies subjected to such treatment and lack of hygiene, there is always another side to the story.

And to answer your question...NO. You do not have to look poor if you are poor.

A lot of people just LIVE on Welfare/WIC/Food Stamps. That's totally not right either. Most don't even WANT to work. That's what makes no sense- there is free childcare available, and if they are poor enough, free college. I would've rather not paid cash for my college tuition, but I'm just sayin'.

Anon- seriously? Open your eyes.

Anonymous said...

"You do not have to look poor if you are poor".

Holy shit that is one of the most offensive and ignorant things I've ever heard.

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