Monday, May 4, 2009

Passed my 3 hour

I passed my 3 hour glucouse test. It really does not mean too much. If I failed, we would have done something about it. But, because the test was done much earlier than usual, passing the test only means that I passed it for now.

I will still have to re-take the test sometime in the future, yay lucky me.

I am going to try to go right to the 3 hour test, this way I do not have to take the 1 hour, drink the nasty stuff, wait a week to see if I fail, and if I fail then take another nasty drink and then wait another week for those results.

Yes, the 3 hour appointment is a pain in the neck, but doing it 2x is a waste to me

1 comment:

Leah said...

I CAN NOT believe you are already 18 weeks!! That is just so crazy fast to me! Of course, it's probably dragging by for you. When is your anatomy scan? You aren't finding out the sex, right? Woo Hoo!!! Hope all is well in your world! Are you feeling baby move yet?

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