Thursday, May 7, 2009

Almost 1/2 Way There!

I am 19 weeks today. I have an appointment next week for the "big" ultra-sound. They check everything out, making sure that all parts, inside and out, are in good shape and don't show any abnormalities. And no, we are not planning on finding out the sex of the baby.

I am still not feeling any movement, still not showing, still have not gained any weight, bla bla bla

I still can't believe that here I am almost half way through my pregnancy. Time really flies.

For most people, this would be when they would decide to register. Yes, I know I am having a shower..but honestly, I have no desire at all at this point to even look at baby stuff. I really can't explain my reasoning, but I am sure my sisters will be bugging me to do it soon enough.

I will know about the shower, basically just the date. It is just easier and I think the shower goes smoother than if I did not know. It will not be until July or Aug, so I still have plenty of time to drag my feet lol.

I am still nervous about the scan next week. My risk for Down's came back much lower at 1:800(ish); but I am still worried that something will be found in this scan. I think they will also be doing another cervical scan to make sure that is looking OK.

So, that is the update on this end :)


Kristen said...

I simply cannot believe you are almost 1/2 way there!!! Where does the time go? I'm sure even though you aren't "showing" you are glowing and showing that way.

Notwifezilla- Jackie said...

I can't believe your half-way there. I'm also happy to hear you're not finding out the gender. I love that surprise! BTW, you've got plenty of time to register. :)

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