Friday, May 22, 2009

Non-central Umbilical Cord

When I had my anatomy scan about a week(ish) ago, they could not get some of the measurements because of the position of the baby. The tech said everything looked OK, and it really was JUST the position of the baby. She had mentioned something about vessels or something. Honestly, I try not to get ALL the details, I go google crazy. As long as they say "everything looks great/good/swell/fab/etc" I just take that info and run with it.

Google, as we all know, can scare the crap out of anyone, so I kinda like being naive in certain things. Of course I want to know the major stuff, but not every teeny tiny detail.

The tech did say that I will probably have growth scans later on to check the size of the baby and then she commented on how big the baby's head was. I assumed they would check the size to make sure it was not too big. Well, you know what they say about assuming.

I went back today and again the tech (same one) said everything looks great. I know they are "just" techs, but I would think they know what they are talking about, after all they have to take the pics in the correct area and know what to look for for "abnormal" results.

After my last scan, I met with the doc but she did not go over the results of the scan, I guess because it was not a complete scan.

Well, today the nurse called with results. I thought this was odd, because they have never called before after any scan and only call for bloodwork, etc if the results are abnormal.

She said that all the anatomy looks good, but I will have to do several growth scans in the 3rd Tri due to my "non-central Umbilical Cord". She said it so casually, it almost took me by surprise. Of course I was in a parking lot, could not find a pen - had a crayon instead. I asked what she meant, because no one had ever used that term before. It sounded like she was just reading it from the chart and then sounded like she was trying to get info on it.

She really could not give me a great answer other than there may be limited blood flow to the baby and that is why growth scans are needed. But, that most people have no problem at all with this. It was really late in the day and since she said it so matter of factly, I figured instead of asking to speak to the doc asap, I would go home and google it.

I googled as soon as I got home, but can't find anything. Seriously, I can not find one speck of any info using that term. I checked all the major medical sites, used all my google skills, everything. Can't find anything.

So, now I am thinking that she gave me the totally wrong term - ugh.

I plan on calling the doc on Tues - the next business day to get a straight answer. But, I am hoping maybe someone who reads this blog might have somekind of answer.

Anyone know anything about this?


Stephanie said...

It may be a marginal cord insertion which is what I found out I have. This happens when the cord inserts at the edge of the placenta rather than in the center. I had my 20 week ultrasound done with a Perinatologist and he described it as an "incidental" finding and not to worry too much about it. According to him, they will watch me closely to make sure the baby is growing according to schedule, and my OB will have to be careful when delivering the placenta. My OB also acted like it wasn't a big deal. Of course, I have been worrying about it for the past month! I had my 24 week appointment today, and everything seems to be going fine. My peri is doing a 28 week growth ultrasound just to make sure everything is proceeding normally. Last year, I lost a pregnancy at 12 weeks and I am very paranoid and anxious about this pregnancy, so I hope my doctors will keep a close eye on this baby. Feel free to email me if you have any questions.

shawna said...

One of my twins had a Single Umbilical Artery which caused decreased bloodflow. There was no lasting effects from this. They did watch his growth much closer.

rissaj06 said...

(rissa06 from thenest), it was called marginal insertion of the umbilical cord into the placenta. it is exactly what Stephanie had said. basically, if you think of a tenis racket. . that is how your unbilical cord is attached to your placenta. there isn't much info on it online. i had checked when i was pg. I had this when i was pg with DD and she ended up being an 8 pound baby at 38 weeks. . it just means that sometimes babies tend to be smaller. . they will monitor it and probably have to go for growth ultra sounds in the 3rd trimster, as well as, non-stress tests. good luck and i'm sure that everything will be fine.

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