Wednesday, May 13, 2009

20 Week appointment

Well, 20 weeks minus 1 day.

I had my anatomy scan today and everything looks GREAT. I have to be honest, I was really nervous about it for several reasons. I have not felt any movement at all, so I was concerned that the u/s would not be good news. I was also concerned because of the elevated risk from the NT scan.

But, all my fears were thrown out the window. Baby looks great, all the measurement are perfect, and my cervix is well within normal range.

I still think it is weird that you can see this baby move on the screen and still not have any feelings of movement. I know it will come soon enough.

Blood pressure looked great, & heart rate was 165, so an uneventful appointment.

And for those that are wondering, I did not gain any weight, nada, zilch, nothing. So, that still brings me to negative 5 pounds at the OB and negative 9 pounds since I found out I am pregnant. The baby looks great and the fact that I started bigger, so the OB is NOT concerned about the lack of weight gain.

I still can't believe I am at the half way mark!


Stacie said...

Isn't it crazy how quickly the time goes?!

That's fantastic that everything is looking/going so well.

When I went in for my 20-week U/S, I had been feeling a little movement for the two weeks prior. When the U/S was being done, my daughter was VERY active but I couldn't feel it. I thought that was strange too.

Just wait a few more weeks! Your little one will be all over the place - well, limited to your womb obviously, but you know what I mean ;)

Leah said...

How is it that your pregnancy is going by so much faster than mine? =) I'm glad everything went well. I was in the same boat honey! Still terrified but not quite as much as before. The movements will come. My friend didn't feel her baby until 22 weeks. Can't wait till you get to feel baby move. Oh, and I think it's a girl!

Kristen said...

I agree with is it that you are 1/2 way through your pregnancy already?? And just like Leah, I think it's a girl too!!! :-)

dulcefafinette said...

HOLY CRAP!!! your are preganant! obviously i just found out! sweetie i can't eve beging to express how happy i am for you!!!! OMG OMG OMG!!!! yay!!!
email me i would love to come and see you in the summer!

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